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Wednesday Wisdom – NOT A REGULAR FEMINIST — November 28, 2018


Our WonderWoman couldn’t have said it better! ❤

Everyone is fighting for the girl child, creating NGOs for that cause. Don’t get me wrong, I’m equally passionate about it. I personally believe that empowering the girl-child and educating her will liberate her from the ignorance that makes her victims of abuse, child-parenting (early marriage), sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and so on. But, we often forget that male and female created Him them and somehow, we’ve forgotten that the girl-child we’re striving for is one half of the society. To truly get it right, both parties need to be nurtured right. Empowering the girls won’t be enough if the boys remain uneducated and we’ll only end up raising superwomen with weak men, hence, leading to a society littered with over-burdened wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, bosses, subordinates and friends, where women will be wearied, stressed and drained from having to fix themselves as well as fix an adult who ought to be fixing himself and fixing things around the house or office.
I recently wrote an article on Violence Against Women (VAW) for a women activism programme where I wrote about my personal knowledge and experiences with VAW, the causes and panacea. Amongst the panacea I wrote about was equal education for both genders. The cycle of raising strong daughters and weak sons is wrong, sons who grew to become nonchalant and feast away while the women work. I believe this education starts with the family, the picture painted by parents and how the kids are raised. Boy-child needs attention as do the girl-child, they should be equally educated on the impacts of stunted dreams, violence, unwanted pregnancy, rape, addictions, etc.
Sons should be raised to be the picture of the husbands you desire for your daughters. Sons should be raised to be accountable for their actions and not feel untouchable for shameful acts just because of their gender. They should be educated on the importance of staying committed, loving and providing for their family exclusively such that when they get support from their spouses, her input will be very much appreciated. Sons should be taught that they are the sole protector of their homes, hence, will not run off to chase pleasure with the notion that ‘my wife will handle it‘.

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Girlfriends ❤ — June 19, 2018

Girlfriends ❤

Before you continue reading this post, I should let you know it has nothing to do with Self-righteousness. Thanks!
While studying in my room this evening, I hBefore you continue reading this post, I should let you know it has nothing to do with Self-righteousness. Thanks!
While studying in my room this evening, I had a stray thought to one of my girlfriends and then I thought of every other ones and then I built on the thoughts further and felt so grateful to God for gifting me with such relationships. And then I further thought of the person I might have been if I’ve had a different set of ladies in my life (I’m pretty sure I won’t have this blog nor will you be reading this). My stray thoughts made me realize I am who I am today partly because of the people in my inner circle and honestly, I see it as a favour from God.
Sometimes, when people (especially men) talk about women (like a conversation I had with some bunch over the weekend), I usually ask them, “where do you go to for you to meet these women you’re so bitter about?“. I mean, I get it that there are lots of women out there that justifies these wrong notions about the feminine gender. Women who abuses their spouses both verbally and physically, women who cheat, women who are deep into crimes, and the list is endless (at least my recent contacts and exposures had made me seen things more clearly). But in the midst of these, there are still some good women who are all about the good stuffs (nobody is entirely perfect but some are really putting in the effort to be a better version of themselves).
I have a friend who recently got married as a virgin (hello, nobody says you’re not entitled to marriage cos you’re deflowered or virginity is a criteria for a good home nor does it cover for character flaws), but the point is, it’s worth celebrating (this is 21st century where sexuality is being exploited more negatively) so, if there’s a girl still vintage about it, I believe she should be applauded.
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