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Camping — November 24, 2017


Hi guys,

Coupled with having Writers’ block for some days (most likely due to stress from preparing for camp), camp life has not been that free and relaxed enough for me to write so I’m Sorry I’ve been off for a while. Currently on camp for my National Youth Service Corps program which will last for 3 weeks but I promise to work my way around the rigorous training schedule soon. . .

And share some of the experiences here too.
Much Love,

Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

My Homecoming — June 13, 2017

My Homecoming

It’s really been a homecoming considering i have not written anything since my last post in December, 2016. Honestly, i miss you guys so much and reaching out was always a part of my everyday too but after the whole stress of rounding off  my school programme was over, i developed cold feet to even come back online and write cos in my head, I’m like *Where do i start from?*, *What do I write?* . . . And this has gone too far enough because I’m over that now and i am back for good. School is over now YAH!! I’m a graduate *already missing school though*, had my birthday two weeks again *The best yet!* details in next post and to top it all, finished school with good grades *a challenging and motivational story to share soon*.

In consequent posts, we’ll talk more on stuffs that has happened.

I really miss you guys and love you too. . . It feels so good to be back.


Oluwafunmibi Fayemi



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Blogger Recognition Award — January 17, 2016

Blogger Recognition Award


Photo credit: theeyecandy

I really thank theeyecandy for nominating me for this award. I should have worked on it but I’ve been really busy typing a field trip report I’m to submit on Monday. i honestly appreciate the recognition.

Rule number one-
Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog–  #Done!

Now, the second rule –
Provide a link to the award creator.

The fourth rule!
Nominate fifteen other bloggers, excluding yourself and the person who nominated you.



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5th rule is to say why I started my blog:

To be able to express myself to the world, touch lives and develop myself too which I’ve been able to do well and still growing. All thanks to you guys!

6th Rule advice to new bloggers.

You should only be boxed when you’re dead” *Strictly my quote* All I’m saying is if you’re alive then you’ve got to follow your dream and be your best at it. Don’t be boxed or cornered. And with blogging, the word CONSISTENCY is important and that I have to work on too.

7th rule:

The blogs I have nominated are a combination of both old friends and new ones and you should check them out.

#Peaceout! ✌

01:01:2016 — January 1, 2016



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As you start 2016; Prosperity, Joy, Goodness, Happiness, Abundance of blessings, Grace & Mercy of God shall be with you & your family in Jesus’ Name.


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NOVEMBER — November 1, 2015



Happy new month to you all my Wonderful readers!
More FAVOUR, more GRACE, more BLESSINGS, more BREAKTHROUGH, good SUCCESS, happy LIFE, sound HEALTH, much LOVE and lots of HAPPINESS is yours this month.
God will make you Bigger. . .