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Revisiting The Child In You ii — September 18, 2017

Revisiting The Child In You ii

We’ve all got at least one

Usually people worry a lot about why they are not making progress in life thereby choking their ability to allow their potentials find expression. People worry if they’ll get things right; If their purpose can afford them the lifestyle they desire and they end up working for a living with no joy of living. Working in purpose makes life look like a playground. You just enjoy what you’re doing without worries. You take limits off of your ability and there is motivation to push further.
Truth is, I’m on the path of discovery too and along this way, I’ve decided not to put limits on the dreams I’ve conceived and I’m sure I’m on the right path because I’ve read, see and talk to people who living a purposeful life has worked/is working for. 

You’ll always enjoy doing what you’re passionate about.

The principle is as simple as doing that one thing you enjoy, gives you peace, completes you but you’ve been having cold-feet starting or resuming to do. Go back to your canvass and bring those imaginations to life. Go to your early days and sort through the crumbs of your childhood dreams. Revisit the child in you and dream again (I’m sure you will be amazed by what you’ll find). Take the brakes off of your mind. Neglect thoughts of whether the dreams are achievable or realistic (It’s all in the head), Read – Quote-Restrictions. Let your thoughts blossom to the fullness of what could be of your life and you’ll be surprised to find these activities are within your comfort zone, don’t relax in your zone but stretch… Break the barriers of your mind and start living out your dreams.

An Exercise;

“If there were no limitations and failure, what would you dare to do? Where would your imagination take you?”

Much Love 💘,

Oluwafunmibi  Fayemi

Revisiting The Child In You — September 16, 2017

Revisiting The Child In You

Note: This might be a long read but i can assure you it will be worth it… Happy Reading 📚!

We’ve all been there at some points in our lives…

As children we don’t have or know the concept of limitation thereby we dreamt big and believed anything is possible until we grew up and begin to learn limitations from Parents, Teachers, Older siblings and other well-meaning people who begins to educate on how big the world 🌎 is and the series of chaotic happenings in it, slowly and steadily these authority figures built the concept of impossibilities in our minds, and as it usually happens, our personal failures and environment coupled with the information begins to reinforce these limitations in our minds.

What we didn’t realize was that inherent in our childhood dreams are the true visions of the potential(s) placed on our inside. Usually, we think children knows nothing about the real world, but, I think we should ask ourselves what we consider to be the reality; Is it depending on paycheck from doing a job that frustrates you then you end up not enjoying your retirement money because of old age or healthcare bills? Taking anything or everything that numbs whatever stress or pain you’re going through? Giving up on who or what gives meaning to your life?…
Maybe, just maybe children actually do have the keys to life; Don’t worry, Play hard, Be joyful, Help people and Place no limits in the imagination of your potential.

Much Love 💘,

Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

Lesson 23: Live like you mean it! — June 19, 2017

Lesson 23: Live like you mean it!

In my last post, i talked about celebrating my birthday recently *best so far* and honestly is still have gifts I’ve not touched. I look forward to a better year ahead.

Like my yearly ritual or tradition, i like to talk about lessons learnt in the previous just finished year and this year won’t be an exception. I’d like to talk about one major lesson learnt and trust me, i believe it’s a great and important one.

Lesson 23: Live Like You Mean It!

Over this past year I’ve learnt to live in a more purposeful way which can be attributed to defining the reason why I am where I am or why I’m doing what I do. I have learnt to attach importance to my actions such that i don’t just do things or act somehow without having a defined direction as why it should be so. Living like you mean it gives purpose to the essence of who you are and it helps you enjoy what you are doing. It helps you chart the course of your life and you don’t just live like a stray dog with no bearing. When you live like you mean it, you can easily reach out to the world outside yours because it wouldn’t just be about yourself but about every other lives and destinies that are attached to yours. Attaching more purpose to life and rocking it like you mean it serves as the strong gust of wind you experience when you spread your wings and it propels you to fly.

In consequent posts, I’ll talk better in line with how to live like you mean it. Thanks for the time and it means so much to me.

Much Love,

Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

22 books (May) — June 2, 2016

22 books (May)

Earlier this year, I started a quest to read at least 22 books before my next birthday. I blessed God cos I think I have more than that down the line. Wasn’t one of the easiest thing to do cos of other schedules but it was worth trying and a lot of new things have been added to my knowledge, widening of horizon and better understanding of things.
I read from different types of book; Mystery novels, Crime, Finance books, Christian books, Romance novels, Personal growth & Transformation, Leadership and so on. The journey was gratifying and edifying. I learnt a lot and I’m still learning. Amongst the books for May are;
1) Maura’s Game: I think its the craziest gang-killing fiction I’ve ever read. Martina Cole now owns me cos I’m so buying more of her books.
2) Grace Revolution: You can’t have enough of a Man of God like Joseph Prince of course.
3) Harvard Hottie
4) Conspiracy in Death – Nora Roberts
5) Creation in Death – Nora Roberts
6) Divided in Death – Nora Roberts
7) Ceremony in Death – Nora Roberts
8) Born in Death – Nora Roberts
9) Betrayal in Death – Nora Roberts
And so many other books I’ve not read. . .
Thanks a lot for taking this wonderful ride with me!

Happy New Month!!

22 Books (April) — May 1, 2016

22 Books (April)

Hello, I guess I need to be spanked cos of my inconsistency but who will except I do that myself. When I think of how close I am to the end of my 22 book reading journey I wonder if I can meet up but I intend not to give chances to not meeting up.
I read 4 books that include 2 crime novels, 1 sensation novel and 1 motivational book.
1) Play Dirty by Sandra Brown: An Interesting Crime novel.
2) The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher or The Murder at Road Hill House: A classic gripping murder mystery from Kate Summerscale.
3) Necessary Secrets: A sensation novel from Silhouette by Barbara Phinney. Was a great read.
4) Forgetting Your Pasts: A book that helps you turn your pain into purpose. Bob Gass did justice with this book. I’ll recommend it over and over again. Sometimes we think we’ve moved on but the truth is we still hold on.
I’ve only been able to read 14 books in 4 months *covers face* and I still have one month left. I’ll give it my best shot. Might not be able to get hard copies but I’ll get soft copies anyways.
Thanks for taking this resolution journey with me.
Much Love,
Funmibi Fayemi

Feminist; The Social Misconception II — April 13, 2016

Feminist; The Social Misconception II


In the last post I started a discussion on the misconception on who feminists are. I’ve read on some feminists and seen some who have great families with a wonderful lifestyles and I’m like someone needs to correct some societal notions on who these people are. I won’t deny that there are some extremists but I’ll like to talk on the ones who knows how to balance and rock it.


  We have women in almost all fields if not all; Politics, Law, Aviation, Fashion, Health, Finance, Military, Sports, Entertainment, Academics, Defence, Engineering, Programming, Agriculture, just name it. I don’t get the reason for the misconception about who a feminist is, this is just a woman who knows better than to waste her gifts and talents tending to only home when a lot of people are out on the street whom she can help make life better for. She is wise enough to take care of home and also smart enough to live a purposeful life. I respect men, in fact, i am not a bra burning extreme sort of feminist, I don’t even agree with a lot of opinions and anger towards men, but I do have sense enough to know I wasn’t meant to be controlled by a man, other than the big guy upstairs that created everyone.


     I know to pursuit my goals, actualize my dreams and be the best at whatever I do. I know to love and be loved, to care, to be submissive, to live like I mean it and succeed. I have God’s auction so I know all things and being his daughter I have the call of living a purpose driven life on me. I know I deserve whatever I want, every available opportunities & rights and it doesn’t just end with equality of gender but the equity of gender where there is fairness and impartiality at every strata of life.

Oluwafunmibi Fayemi.

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Feminist; The Social Misconception — April 8, 2016

Feminist; The Social Misconception


     Feminist, according to Oxford dictionary means; A person who supports the belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men. Even from this definition I still don’t get the reason for the social misconception. These are women with goals and purpose. Women who believe in the working together of both sexes to bring about a safer and better world. I believe we are in a generation where women are breaking ground rules, making things right and giving great support to men.
I totally don’t see the point in hating a woman just because she’s got dreams and opinions of her own. She’s got mind and brain to think, she can feel and see, she is talented and hardworking, she is bold and courageous, why then should she be reduced to a sex figure just because of her gender and social expectations. Some people even hate the idea of a woman being in a superior position or taking a leading role, last I checked the contribution of women to the world positively can’t be overemphasized. Is it the listening hear, the soothing words, the caring hands, the comfortable shoulders, the intelligence, the beauty, the ability to multitask, the reader, the leader, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and with all these, women still contribute their best.
You’re the most beautiful of all God’s CREATION and you’re PRICELESS. . .
#ToBeContinued. . .

Note: I wrote this piece for a women website sometimes in Feb and I thought I should share it on my blog too. I’ll submit the remaining part later in the week.

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22 Books (March) — March 31, 2016

22 Books (March)

My gallery

Hello everyone!
When I realized this morning that today is the last day in March, I was marvelled at how fast time goes cos I was suppose to submit a writeup with the deadline of today. I can’t say I did well with my reading ritual this month and I know better than to blame it on anything but to take the blame though I did my exams this month. I was only able to read three(3) books but I hope to do better in April.
(1) The Lost Years: By Mary Higgins Clark is a Crime novel I got last month but read this month. I couldn’t do any other thing till I finished the book, no wonder the writer was labelled Queen of Suspense. I wasn’t disappointed.

(2) God’s Master Plan For Your Life: It was just what I needed when I read it. Gloria Copeland explained her points in the simplest ways with applicable steps and examples coupled with powerful scriptural backings.

(3) Why A Students works for C Students… : Its been long I read the Rich Dad’s (Robert Kiyosaki) book and considering the fact that I’m in Year 5 now, I got this book for myself *its never too late*  though I’m yet to finish reading it but with how far I’ve gone, I know I’m not just gonna be an A student but my A student will create jobs for other students not work for a C student.

Thanks for the time as usual *hugs*

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22 books (February) — March 1, 2016

22 books (February)

Photo credit: My gallery

Hi guys, I should have post this since yesterday but just like the birthday post, it didn’t post and now I have to type everything all over cos the one I typed wipe off.
This is in continuance with the 22 books I promised to read and I tried this time with five books *you’re like how is what she reads my business* well I’m accountable to you cos it helps me stay accountable to myself especially if you need extra efforts to do some things that don’t really fit in to your other activities- resolutions really need commitment.
I have 5 books down the line for Feb but I’ve read 4 and I’m starting March with the fifth one.

(1) Mistress of Justice: I started Feb with this Mystery novel by Jeffrey Deaver that revolves around the typical wall street law stories. Was a great read.

(2) The Secret: This book taught me more on positive thinking. Rhonda Byrne nailed it with detailed informational on the laws that govern the universe especially the law of attraction.

(3) Why You Act The Way You Do: I was told to read this book since 2012 but overlooked it cos my friends already told me what its about. Well, I’m glad I got it for myself because I learnt more about my temperance, its strengths & weakness. Tim LaHaye did a great job with this book.

(4) Live Like You Mean It: You need to read the short note that came with this book when my friend gave me. It was just the right book for the moment. Its a gift book I’ll always treasure because Kathy Troccoli the seasoned Italian-American did a great job talking about the abundanza life Christ has called us to live.

(5) The Lost Years: Though I plan to start March with this Crime book (my friend recommended & told me so) by Mary Higgins Clark. Looks like I’ll like it.

I hope to get better at it this month. Thanks for giving out time to read this.

Much Love,

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22 books (January) — January 31, 2016

22 books (January)


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Hi everyone! Hope the week was great?! I ain’t got much to say, I don’t even know if I should do the review now or later but in respect to one of the things I promised myself to do before my next birthday. I’m to get (read) 22 books before then and I have three (3) books down the line as January ends today *covers face*

1) Americanah; A novel written by Chimamanda Adichie

2) The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership; A Business & Economics/ Leadership book by John C. Maxwell (2nd time of reading though, I used to have the soft copy)

3) The Power Of Self-Confidence; A motivational book by Brian Tracy

Maybe I should have read more but I can’t beat myself up over that too, I’ve been really busy and I’m sure I’ll do better in February. The review will still definitely pop up in my write ups so I don’t need to do that now like my friend will say,“It is what you read you’ll write”. I can only write on the knowledge I have anyways.

Thanks for giving me some time to read this post.

Much Love,

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