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My Homecoming — June 13, 2017

My Homecoming

It’s really been a homecoming considering i have not written anything since my last post in December, 2016. Honestly, i miss you guys so much and reaching out was always a part of my everyday too but after the whole stress of rounding off  my school programme was over, i developed cold feet to even come back online and write cos in my head, I’m like *Where do i start from?*, *What do I write?* . . . And this has gone too far enough because I’m over that now and i am back for good. School is over now YAH!! I’m a graduate *already missing school though*, had my birthday two weeks again *The best yet!* details in next post and to top it all, finished school with good grades *a challenging and motivational story to share soon*.

In consequent posts, we’ll talk more on stuffs that has happened.

I really miss you guys and love you too. . . It feels so good to be back.


Oluwafunmibi Fayemi



My Reality — February 24, 2016

My Reality

Couldn’t help the long break from coming online. The session is almost coming to an end and there’s been so much reports and assignments to submit, in fact the past 10 days have been hectic. But for the assurance I have in him that my path shall keep getting brighter & brighter until the day of perfection and I know that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the Glory which shall be revealed in me! I’m assured all will be well.

GUILELESS — February 10, 2016



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Love should be enough *I guess*
And I’m sure I gave that guilelessly
Whether I’ve always been right or wrong
I gotta drop from this train
Heading towards my delusional end
I’ll bury the feelings deep under my thick skin
Covered with the perfection of my makeover
Beautify by that shallow smile
That brings to reminder how I loved you to faults.

I.G & Twitter; @phunmiborn

Rest — February 8, 2016


My qualifications and strength has nothing to do with where God wants to take me to. . . Grace worked and bought it all!
                                 – Oluwafunmibi

#Rest #GraceUnveiled #Peace #God’sGrace #GraceLifestyle #GraceCulture

Have a great week!
Much love, Oluwafunmibi

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Straight from my heart — October 11, 2015
XOXO — May 5, 2015



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It seems too right yet its so wrong;
The feelings so deep when it should be shallow.
With every little bad things they do, it feels so good;
And every time it hurts it feels great.
She ain’t scared of scar anymore but look forward to it,
Cos’ really being with him is worth the remembrance;
Even if that has to do with living with the scar.
She really don’t need to ask herself when she already know;
He’s the one her heart follows . . .

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HOME — May 1, 2015



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  Hi everyone! God knows I miss everyone of you in just my few days of being offline. Sometimes when you’re home you forget who you are. Okay, technically its not like I forgot who I am but I just discovered I’m always too busy all day doing this all that for someone or the whole house.
     I’ve been home for the session’s break for some days now and trust me its been a long time I felt so happy and comfortable. Nothing beats the love I feel all around; seeing my siblings and love ones, enjoying homemade foods, catching up with friends, weddings around and so on *chortles* it feels so good to be HOME. . . Reminds me of the song, “so good to me home, where I know that I belong. . .” Continue reading

Year 4 — April 22, 2015

Year 4


I’m so excited I’ll finish my exams tomorrow. My last paper for year 3 is by 8:00am and I feel so excited. I’m amazed by how time flies and when I remembered how and when I started I laugh at myself for how green and naive I was then.
Suddenly, I wish I’m taking a 4year course so that means I’ll finish next session but my course is 5years **shrugs** what can I do??! But all the same I’m glad year 3 will soon be over because it was one hell of a session. I had classes Monday to Thursday from 9am – 6pm except on Wednesday 10am – 6pm, Had loads of assignments and reports, burnt so much candles & calories. . . But in the end I BLESS GOD cos this semester will be my BEST semester yet. . . till tomorrow!
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APRIL — April 1, 2015



   Happy New Month to everyone!
💫✨💥💫✨💥 💫✨💥💫✨💥
And Happy April Fool’s day!

May this month bring forth more blessings and better days. . .
👉 👌👏✌😘👌👏✌😘 😘 😘
And more awesome posts from me! *smiles*