Life should be lived like you mean it without limits. . .

HER TOME; HER LOVE; HER PAIN (4) — September 2, 2015



     After my experience with Jude I’ve decided to stay single for as long as God wants because I’m not ready to go through heart breaks anymore. I’m fine with JUST ME and my career is growing cos’ I work on contract with some private companies so YES! I’m doing great with no problem from a man.
     For good ten (10) months, I was so much in love with myself. It wasn’t like men ain’t coming around but I just chose to decline all advances simply because I don’t want to be any man’s victim anymore. I enjoyed attending to my hot rocking body; daily exercise (including 50 sit ups) & eating good food.
     Well, on the evening of the End of the year’s party, I had the option of going to the cinema to see “Spy” because its an action movie and I love Melissa McCarthy but I was compelled to be at the Evening’s event because its also part of the job (I’m not the partying type). I met many people at the party, mostly the staffs that works for the Telecommunications company. Amongst these people was Temitope, I mean Engr. Temitope. He’s a Civil Engineer. It was amazing at the end of the evening when I felt like I’ve known him all my life. We exchanged contacts and became pretty close. He professes his love every opportunity he has, he provides for me even without asking & would do anything to protect me. He gave me reasons to love again. Continue reading

HER TOME; HER LOVE; HER PAIN (3) — August 29, 2015



     It was pretty hard on me getting over Bobbi considering the fact that we didn’t have a fight to breakup, it was just a mutual agreement as a result of our health status.
     I’ve been a casual friend with Jude for close to 2 years because we work out at the same gym on Saturdays and he’s seen Bobbi pick me up a couple of times.
     Jude is from Edo, a Physiotherapist, plays guitar, very charismatic, an epitome of a gentle man and after we started dating, i found out to be a great cook too. After the break up with Bobbi I took to spending more time at the gym to whirl away time and somehow became close to Jude. We could talk for hours and will never get bored. It was like he knows just how best to get me out of my shell. And I receive free sessions of body massage from him. He knows just the right place to exact pressure and where to mildly touch.
     After about 5 months of being single again and just friends with Jude, he asked me on a date which ended up with a terrific kiss. The long drive to my house was made in silence but trust me, it’s a silence that connected us in much ways than words could. Continue reading

HER TOME; HER LOVE; HER PAIN (2) — August 27, 2015



     Well, Temitope was the third guy I’ve dated in just 2 years (I’m not so bad I guess). Before him was Bobola (Bobbi) and Jude and trust me each of them seem promising when I was with them.
     I met Bobby in an Art exhibition organized for a charity programme to sensitize people on Hepatitis-B & C. He was a passionate artist that specializes on Photography and he attaches stories to every art piece he exhibited. He was an eye candy with the ravishing look of Ghanaian renown actor Majid Michel. We became friends that day and within weeks we started dating. The relationship was like a match made from heaven. He knows, understands, respects & makes me happy. Continue reading

HER TOME; HER LOVE; HER PAIN — August 25, 2015



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    I hate the could have(s), should have(s) and would have(s) but they are the words that keep haunting my soul for the past 3-days. Maybe I should have just learn to keep to my words… Maybe I would have been saved from this misery if I had followed my brain instead… Maybe I could have decided to go to the cinema instead of eventually attending the company’s end of the year party…
     As hot tears stream down my face smearing the makeover left of the evening (I went to the restaurant to meet him) and a hazy vision filled with confusion, bitterness and hatred. All I can see is just a few fragments of memories I wish to let go as much as I want to have them if it means remembering the sizzling love we shared.


Photo credit: www. loverofsadness.net

Scattered on the floor is a wasted roll of toilet paper that has helped soak in my silent sobs and I wonder when I’m gonna get over this this time around. For 3 days now I’ve been like this – Heartbroken. . . Continue reading

SATURDAY MORNING — January 24, 2015


     Storm I need your help up here to make the atmosphere hazy,that was Logan (wolverine) calling out to storm for an undercover. Scott and the iceman are on the other side of the battle having their way into the enemy’s camp but don’t be surprise this ain’t about the X-MEN going out against the anti-mutant society or the X-MEN going rebellious against other mutants in order to protect the world. . . This is a love story. . .
     Storm has her eyeballs turned white already gathering strength in the atmosphere to cause a stormy weather, the unique power she possesses aside from being a strong fighter. There goes the wolverine with his adamantium metal claws reaching out to strike anyone who stands on his way as he forges forward towards the camp where the beast-like tyrant in custody of me is. It was quite easy for him to walk through without getting noticed because storm still has the weather under control.
     There I was chained like the beauty in the movie ‘Clash Of The Titans’ was chained to be devoured by those evil creatures for sacrifice just that this time I’m in the inner chamber of the camp with the ugly beast acting as a grobian by mauling my precious silky chocolate skin body and he is just beasty in soul not in looks because he can easily be use to take a role for Schwarzenegger with his blond hair that always seem to be out of place.
    I keep hoping this will all end soon that Logan will show up in time to rescue me from this callous beast that keep inflicting wound on me for every kiss and smooch and I wonder why fate brought him my way. Suddenly, I saw Logan silenced me not to make the beast aware of his presence and that minute seems to look like a film trick to me because it took not much effort for wolverine to pierce his sides with the claws and that brought the end to my horrors. Alas! My feeble weak body was saved and I was gently carried like a new born baby, I can’t envision how much I miss his gentle touch and feel his heartbeats under that metal bones while I rest my head on it while in his arms and the rapture I get lost in when I feel his rough lips turn soft on mine with his passionate kiss in contrast to the lip-mauling of the beast from earlier. I traced my lip outline with the tip of my fingers as he carried me out to where the other X-MEN awaits us in the jet with Scott & Storm to be the pilot.
                        * * *
     Beep Beep Beep!!! (alarm).
    The sky is clear, a new day is here. . . Its a Saturday morning I need to get things done. I picked up my bedside mirror and unconsciously traced my lip outline with the tip of my fingers and the memories of the kiss still lingers in my brain then i figured i must have been dreaming all night . . .

DRUM AND BASKET — January 20, 2015


How can you succumb to defeat when you’ve been made for more. . . You are more than your present situation and until you realize that you may never move on with life. . . Let’s go for a short ride with the story of the basket and drum. . .

There once lived a farmer who has in his possession a basket and a drum. It was during the raining period and it started raining on a bright beautiful day. Both basket and drum were there outside under the rain and it was only the drum that was getting filled with the water, every raindrop that fell into the basket flowed out of the holes in it. The drum started making jest of the basket that it is of no use and every raindrop in it are wasted. Eventually, the rain stopped and it was only the drum that had water in it.

The basket didn’t give up on himself just because of what the drum said to it rather he used that raindrops that fell on it to wash and clean itself in preparation for the future and it believes in itself that a day will still come when it will be of use too.

Gone is the rain period and day in day out the plants in the field starts to grow and its almost time for harvesting the field crops. The previous rainfall water in the drum has been used up. . . This is the dawn of another season.

The harvest period is near,the land is green filled with blooming plants anticipating to be plucked (harvested), the field is aspiring to be rid off of the ripe crops and prepare for another cultivation period. Now what’s next?!

The farmer is happy that finally he’ll reap the fruits of his labour and looks forward to leaving his farm a prospective rich man with bountiful harvest. Now the question is what will he pack the harvest with?!. . . lo and behold there sits the washed and cleaned basket in the store awaiting when it will be of use to its owner.

The farmer walked confidently into his farm with his clean basket in hand and his face beaming with smile with profound joy of knowing the basket will help him with the carrying the bounty from the farm. Finally, the basket is here saving the day and the future. The basket is finally of use and this time around it is of a great impact in the farmer’s life. . .

Who says you can’t be a blessing to your generation?! Who says you’re of NO use?! Who says you ain’t important?! Who says you’re a liability?!
Who says. . .?!

Who says. . .?!

Just look into their eyes and tell them you’re saving yourself for the best purpose. . . because you ain’t just for the present you’re for the future. . . You’re part of what beautify the FUTURE