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How I Knew I Can’t Be A Politician — March 5, 2016

How I Knew I Can’t Be A Politician

I'm so proud of my BROTHER!

My brother contested for the post of president in the faculty *we’re in the same faculty* and he lost; Yeah, he lost honorably! Not because he wasn’t good enough or didn’t do his best. In fact, I should say we lost cos’ I was as involved in it as he was. Being the first time for him to lose at something, I’m sure he has a lot of lessons to learn but really politics ain’t my type of thing, not just because I hate confrontations & competitions but I’m too honest a being to play the game called Politics. I learnt few words yesterday like: Politicking *though its in the dict.*, Voting Permutation, the new definition for loyalty & honesty, etc.
Yesterday I saw friends assuring me of their votes voting for another person, I saw friends sly me by not showing up as promised, I saw people playing neutrality at the expense of friendship & trust. I saw so much that assures me that politics is that dirty game I don’t wanna play. I’m the type of person that say what’s on my mind and do what I say but I learnt yesterday that it doesn’t work for politics. Some say its diplomacy but I’ll say its just being ignorant because the truth is they know what’s best but prefer to just play the game wrongly *in my word*.

To those who supported us:
You guys are the best and words can’t express how honored I feel to know you.

To our Mum;
Thanks for the support all the way. You’re the best and you’ll always be loved till infinity.
We love you!

Finally To my brother;
Baby! You’re always my hero and I’ll always be proud of you & here for you till my last breath.
I know you’re going to places and I’m ready for the ride. This happened for your best and being the first time you’ll ever lose something I believe the lessons are well learnt.
I love you blooda!

Much love,

CHANGE! — April 1, 2015
Who is fooling who?! — January 20, 2015

Who is fooling who?!

Yesterday I had a discussion with couple of friends about the present state of Nigeria politics, about the forthcoming election and what to look out for especially for the presidential election. I’ve been ruminating so much on the discussion that I feel I just have to pen my opinions down, actually I ain’t seeing much difference between the two aspiring candidates because they are both after the same thing and I believe they’ll definitely say and do things in order to have their way… But something amazes me,the refusal of the masses to see these callous people (the politicians) are using them to have their own selfish way because I can’t imagine why it will only be during campaign period you see the politicians give out things to the masses in a bid to win their favour and luckily for them the masses also sees it as a way of getting their share of the NATIONAL CAKE (as it is said). . . #smh!
The question is who is fooling who?! The politicians bribing their way in or the masses fooling themselves by selling their voices and rights for some couple of goodies. . .
I’ve seen a lot of news trend,politicians blackmailing each other and everybody is screaming for CHANGE! Yes change is the word but is it really what we are prepared for? Left to me I’ll go for REVOLUTION because I feel these whole power thing has been run by same set of people who just don’t want to give in for the real change agent and I really wish MY people of this great nation will stand on their feet to defend their integrity and raise their voices like the sons of the land not shy out and continue to be used as slaves.
To most youths,remember the people who promised you this and that just to have you fight for their cause have their own kids protected out of the country, you don’t have to get yourself fooled by these people. You know what is right and what you want, you know where your heart leads you. Don’t allow your vote to be bought because that’s the only right you have to choose what you want, your vote is the voice you have to speak your mind.
Stop fooling around and support a peaceful,free and fair election.