Life should be lived like you mean it without limits. . .

Wind-like love — February 21, 2015

Wind-like love


I sit here thinking of how much you mean to me
Staring at the moon and wishing on a star
That you understand I’m here to stay.
My love is willing to pass the test of time
And make the long distance irrelevant
Because even if we can’t see it
Our love is like the wind, we can feel it. . .

I promise to you an everlasting love
Even if the sky is falling down
I’ll always be here waiting for you
With my arms open yearning for your warm embrace
With my lips full of life aching to keep secrets with yours
Though we can’t see it
Our love is like the wind, we can feel it. . .

I hope our love protects us
Because it hurts to know the separation can’t be help
When I said I love you, it wasn’t for saying sake
Because even when we are miles apart
The feelings is still the same and I realize that
Even if we can’t see it
Our love is like the wind, we can feel it. . .

The Girl In The Mirror — February 11, 2015

The Girl In The Mirror


I slept yesternight thinking hard about who I am
And that same question has been my Achilles’s heel for too long.
It has been my weakness that whenever I think of who I am
I always feel tremor from my stomach to my bone marrow.
When I woke up this morning I was different from the girl of last night.
Something has changed about me
Did I have a dream again? I can’t remember
But I felt the change so I picked up my mirror.


And there in it I saw the answer to all my fears.
The mirror made me see the reflection of who I am.
I am a girl who has been endowed with strength & wisdom.
The girl in the mirror sees every failure as a lesson.


My reflection showed me how wonderful & beautiful I am
And told me I am the first prophet of my life.
No matter what anybody feels and think about me
I determine how far I want to go in life.
The girl in the mirror has learnt to know how much she’s WORTH
So that she’ll stop giving people DISCOUNTS.
And she knows she is not a one in a million kind of girl
She is a once in a lifetime kind of woman who doesn’t have to compete with a man for his position.
I have my position and I’m comfortable with being the CHANGE with it.
The reflection of the girl in the mirror is who I am. . .

A New Day — February 2, 2015

A New Day


Its another morning and a new day is here
Here it comes with fresh hope and strength
And the mistakes of yesterday could be forgone
Because with the new day comes a new slate
And you have the opportunity to start all over again. . .

I can smell the new day from the fresh dew
And I feel refreshing to start the new week better
Even better than the past ones with no worries of the past
I resolute to living each day one at a time
Maximizing every minute of it to fulfilment. . .

With the new day comes new responsibilities
And I intend to leave no leaf unturned
But promise to take breaks for fun too
And spread the love for every new day to others
At the end of the new day I’ll feel loved and fulfilled. . .

God bless the New Day. . .

Bruises — January 28, 2015


I wanna know,as a kid
Did you ever bruise your skin after a fall?
As a result of having a long run
Or you just simply got tripped by a stone?
Do you still remember how the pain felt?
It is an understatement if I say I feel the same way about my recent fall.
Though I wasn’t running nor was I tripped by a stone,
But I was tripped by the memories of you.
And I discovered I fell in love.
I tripped on the memories we’ve shared together,
I tripped on what it feels like to be in your arms, perceive your smell and shiver at the feel of your lips on my nape.
I didn’t know I was biting more than I want to chew
Here I am with bruises all over
As a result of tripping over what I want from you and yearning for the healing that goes down to the heart. . .

WILDFLOWER — January 25, 2015



It all happened so fast but
I still feel the debris of my fears
Felt like I’ve lost all I believed in
Both the persons and things
I felt so empty that I wanted to scream
It was like the world was
Crumbling at my feet
I felt like I’ve lost myself
And everything seems to end
The road I’ve been on many times seems so new
I was so terrified like It was my first time
That I became really weak & fragile
Then I cried out to that inner strength
The strength that has always carried me on
This is not my first enigma period
So I can’t be crushed now
I’ve got to see the light
Beaming at the end of the tunnel
See the reasons why
I never gave up and will never give in
Believe it will work out for good at the end
And remind myself why
Which will thrive in the desert
Look beautiful even when it ain’t getting regular supply of water
And will bloom even when
Biotic and Abiotic factors (all facets of life) doesn’t encourage it. . .