Life should be lived like you mean it without limits. . .

Heal My Soul — January 18, 2018

Heal My Soul

Take my heart, take my pain

Take my mind, take my shame

Like the wool soaks up the fluid

Heal my soul from its nemesis.
Exchange my scars for your love

Exchange my bitterness for your sweetness

Encapsule me in the solace of your peace

Heal my soul from its nemesis.
Wipe my tears with the tenderness of your attention

Wipe my fears with the strength of your assuring words

Watch me bare my soul to you guilelessly

Heal my soul from its nemesis.
Love me like its doom day

Kiss me like my last breathe hinges on it

Show me the wonders of being truly loved

Heal my soul from its nemesis.
Hear my cry M’Lord

Hear my voice as I fall at your feet

Purge me out and fill me with the joy of your salvation

Heal my soul from its nemesis.
Much Love,

Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

GUILELESS — February 10, 2016



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Love should be enough *I guess*
And I’m sure I gave that guilelessly
Whether I’ve always been right or wrong
I gotta drop from this train
Heading towards my delusional end
I’ll bury the feelings deep under my thick skin
Covered with the perfection of my makeover
Beautify by that shallow smile
That brings to reminder how I loved you to faults.

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Young Forever — November 21, 2015

Young Forever

I was going through an old journal of 2013 then I saw a poem inspired by kids I taught during a six months strike that year.

                    *   *   *   *   *   *

When I look into their eyes;
My heart melts like an ice;
I love their spirit that lack no dice;
Young at heart with peaceful look with no lies;
Generous ones who doesn’t mind sharing their fries;
I’ll always want to be young forever.

I miss those days of total freedom;
From the worries I deal with now with wisdom;
Even the Bible says being like them;
Is the only way to the kingdom;
When you’re focused as a child you’ll be the earldom;
Who can save the masses from martyrdom;
I’ll always want to be young forever.

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PART OF ME — November 17, 2015



I was always a slave to freedom,
Of those who know how to float;
And who kiss the sky;
Until you appeared there.
I decided to land and stay in your soil,
I discovered my faith in your land.
My soul recognized your voice,
So my heart followed you.
I fly through your wings;
I wake up between your soul and my peace.
They are part of me.
I travel in your gaze,
You uplift me,
I’m better than I used to be,
All thanks to you dear.

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Without A Word — September 23, 2015
TREASURE — September 17, 2015



     I stumbled on a poem I wrote for my mum 2 years ago and I’m gonna dedicate it to all great mums out there (dead or alive). . .
You’re our treasure, mentor and goddess. . .
We love you. . .


You are my backbone, my treasure;
You are such a rare gem, my treasure;
The pearl I’m lucky to have, my treasure;


Sometimes I wonder what could have become of me,
If I ain’t blessed to have a wonderful mum like you,
You lighten my path with your smiles and taught me the ways of the Lord,
You are the compass that guides me along my direction,
And you taught me the right things to do and how to do it. . . Continue reading

Count On Me — June 26, 2015
Ambivalence — May 6, 2015



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See how much I boil with love and hate,
Great yearn to speak so loud yet can’t control the silence.
I’m torn in between laughing and crying my heart out.
It feels so right to say NO but YES is the only word forming;
Knowing I don’t want to capture a caterpillar in a jar and keep a butterfly hostage.

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XOXO — May 5, 2015



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It seems too right yet its so wrong;
The feelings so deep when it should be shallow.
With every little bad things they do, it feels so good;
And every time it hurts it feels great.
She ain’t scared of scar anymore but look forward to it,
Cos’ really being with him is worth the remembrance;
Even if that has to do with living with the scar.
She really don’t need to ask herself when she already know;
He’s the one her heart follows . . .

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Inner Beauty — March 29, 2015

Inner Beauty

     The poem you’re about to read was inspired by my pastor who’s also my friend —>> YEWANDE OGUNAJO. All these was put together just by thinking of her. . .


A lady of excellence with a peaceful soul;
Endowed with the strength and wisdom to take charge.
A beauty to reckon with and a personality to be proud of;
An African woman of grace and honour;
Highly embedded with mines of virtues.
Not only is your beauty outwards, but you have the inner beauty too.
I love to see the way she LIGHTEN UP the room with her BIG smile.
A lady with the auction of the holy one;
Highly spirited and worded;
She’s that christian chick that terrifies the roaring devil.
When I see her I see hope, faith and love.
She’s the kind of woman who gives a man a HOME;
Always having the right word for every moment;
With a big warm heart and soothing arms to run into;
And those tiny strong shoulders to LEAN on.


The woman that can SETTLE a lot on her knees by just praying;
She’s a gem of inestimable value.
A cheerful giver and a mother to all;
Who reproves you in LOVE.
Behind that beautiful calm face is
An independent Lady and ENTREPRENEUR,
Capable of doing so much at a time (MULTITASK) *smiles*.
She knows her place in God’s SUPERNATURAL ARMY,
And nothing can make her BOW OUT from the RACE.
A fashionista in every sense with MODESTY.
She knows how best to bring out the BEST in you,
And make you see the strength you never knew you have.
She’s as brave as DEBORAH; diplomatic as ESTHER;
Beautiful as JEMIMAH and favoured as MARY.
She’s a blessing to her generation;
A soul to leave footprints in the sands of time.