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My Today’s Choice — August 14, 2017

My Today’s Choice

Today I choose to embrace my failures as lessons seeing every wrong attempt discarded as another step forward because now I know better that what lies around the corner could be my answered prayers, with the realization that everyday won’t be perfect but out of these imperfect days are lessons to help build a better future of better days. 
So today I choose to embrace my setbacks as lessons and bring the best out of ME! 
Much Love, 

Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

Lesson 23: Live like you mean it! — June 19, 2017

Lesson 23: Live like you mean it!

In my last post, i talked about celebrating my birthday recently *best so far* and honestly is still have gifts I’ve not touched. I look forward to a better year ahead.

Like my yearly ritual or tradition, i like to talk about lessons learnt in the previous just finished year and this year won’t be an exception. I’d like to talk about one major lesson learnt and trust me, i believe it’s a great and important one.

Lesson 23: Live Like You Mean It!

Over this past year I’ve learnt to live in a more purposeful way which can be attributed to defining the reason why I am where I am or why I’m doing what I do. I have learnt to attach importance to my actions such that i don’t just do things or act somehow without having a defined direction as why it should be so. Living like you mean it gives purpose to the essence of who you are and it helps you enjoy what you are doing. It helps you chart the course of your life and you don’t just live like a stray dog with no bearing. When you live like you mean it, you can easily reach out to the world outside yours because it wouldn’t just be about yourself but about every other lives and destinies that are attached to yours. Attaching more purpose to life and rocking it like you mean it serves as the strong gust of wind you experience when you spread your wings and it propels you to fly.

In consequent posts, I’ll talk better in line with how to live like you mean it. Thanks for the time and it means so much to me.

Much Love,

Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

Teacher’s Joy — July 31, 2016

Teacher’s Joy

Hi everyone! Its really been a while. I’ve been on and off and inconsistent because of my busyness. Friday marks the end of the session in the High school I taught (worked) and I couldn’t be happier with my students’ results. What more could a teacher want than the joy of seeing his/her students excel?! When I started the vacation job with the school in the beginning of the term, a boy was brought into my class who could even hardly spell his own name *parental factor cos’ he was given double promotion even when they knew he couldn’t cope*. And I’ll stay extra hours with this boy doing private lessons, I’ll even beg him to do my assignments cos he wouldn’t do them, at a point I almost give up on him cos he just wasn’t improving but I couldn’t just give up cos I believe God to work on him so I’ll pray with & for him in addition to the teaching.
Just when everyone gave up on him, he started getting things gradually, he could write proper sentences and solve mathematical questions, he could interpret questions well. Wow! God worked on him… And when his results were collated, even the school management doubted his promotion but after checking it all through, he had above average which was the pass mark and my heart was filled with so much joy… God has done it again!
Though teaching ain’t an easy job but it sure teaches you more about life; Being responsible for younger ones, imparting knowledge, serving as role models, and so on.
As much as I’ll miss those kids, I also look forward to resuming back to my school for the final lap next week *smiles*, 500 level here I come!

Much Love,
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

@ 22 II — June 8, 2016

@ 22 II

Often times, we don’t get the concept of forgiveness. As human, we’ve made it our job to judge what sin can be forgiven and what sin can’t be forgiven. We sometimes feel we don’t deserve forgiveness for some sins so even when God forgives us, we don’t see the need ’cause in our heart of hearts we feel we don’t deserve it. To embrace God’s available forgiveness, you need to truly define who God is to you and know him for who he is. He’s not just your Creator, he’s a Father. He understands you even more than you do because he once lived as human on earth. He’s always available to listen to you. . . Continue reading

@ 22 — June 6, 2016

@ 22

Hi guys, I had my birthday last week and like I promised last year to see you at 22, here I am. I wrote 21 lessons @ 21 and now at 22, I’ve got 1(one) more lesson to add. I’ve learnt a lot within this one year and amongst these lessons, I’ve chosen one I believe I need to address.


Trust me, it took a while before I got to know the difference between letting go and forgetting. You let go when you forgive but you can never be totally healed except you forget. Truth be told, I’m still a work in progress too but I believe I’ll get there *almost there*. Its in human nature to remember hurts done to us. Have you ever wonder why its easy to always remember the one bad thing someone did to you more often than the other good things the person did?! I think its just human nature. But in this lesson, I’ll talk on how to forget and attract the good things we want to experience or see in our lives. Its a principle I’ve started enjoying and you should too.

Continue reading

Is quitting the only option left? — May 28, 2016

Is quitting the only option left?

Saved from a contact.

As long as you’re alive, there is still hope of doing much more than you can ever dream of. Just because things ain’t working out as planned or your way doesn’t mean it won’t work out well in the end. All you need to do is learn to be able to blend in with the situation; When the road gets rough & tough, remove your heels and lace your sneakers…
Everything Is Gonna Be Alright!

Much Love,
Funmibi Fayemi.

PEACE — April 19, 2016


Amongst the numerous lessons I’ve learnt in recent months is “The Ability to Stay Calm Amidst Troubles” and I’ve learnt to pray for Peace over everything because surely times will come when it looks like you can’t handle it or go further and the only thing you’ll need is to stay strong and calm in the midst of the storm comforted with the peace of mind that that phase will pass too. We need to know that Peace ain’t the absence of trouble but freedom from fear, worry & anxiety in the midst of turbulent situations. Peace is that feeling of courage a warrior possess right at warfront neither because he is winning nor because his army is stronger than the enemy but fearless because no matter what he’ll stand tall at the end of the war. Peace is knowing all will be well even when it doesn’t look it. Peace is a lifestyle I’ve come to choose for myself.
God bless the day I came across these verses;
John 14:27,  “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not  as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your  heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid”.
John 16:33, “These things I  have spoken to you, that in Me you may have  peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but  be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

Peace out✌
Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

How I Knew I Can’t Be A Politician — March 5, 2016

How I Knew I Can’t Be A Politician

I'm so proud of my BROTHER!

My brother contested for the post of president in the faculty *we’re in the same faculty* and he lost; Yeah, he lost honorably! Not because he wasn’t good enough or didn’t do his best. In fact, I should say we lost cos’ I was as involved in it as he was. Being the first time for him to lose at something, I’m sure he has a lot of lessons to learn but really politics ain’t my type of thing, not just because I hate confrontations & competitions but I’m too honest a being to play the game called Politics. I learnt few words yesterday like: Politicking *though its in the dict.*, Voting Permutation, the new definition for loyalty & honesty, etc.
Yesterday I saw friends assuring me of their votes voting for another person, I saw friends sly me by not showing up as promised, I saw people playing neutrality at the expense of friendship & trust. I saw so much that assures me that politics is that dirty game I don’t wanna play. I’m the type of person that say what’s on my mind and do what I say but I learnt yesterday that it doesn’t work for politics. Some say its diplomacy but I’ll say its just being ignorant because the truth is they know what’s best but prefer to just play the game wrongly *in my word*.

To those who supported us:
You guys are the best and words can’t express how honored I feel to know you.

To our Mum;
Thanks for the support all the way. You’re the best and you’ll always be loved till infinity.
We love you!

Finally To my brother;
Baby! You’re always my hero and I’ll always be proud of you & here for you till my last breath.
I know you’re going to places and I’m ready for the ride. This happened for your best and being the first time you’ll ever lose something I believe the lessons are well learnt.
I love you blooda!

Much love,

Desires Vs Fears — December 19, 2015

Desires Vs Fears

I’m a student in a leadership school (LEAD ACADEMY) and in a class we had few weeks ago, my teacher said something which I wrote down. He said, “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”.
While I was going through my notes, I tried to break the quote down to my understanding. Some four words are constant in the context of succeeding or achieving a goal;
– Desire
– Success
– Fear
– Failure
     The end goal which means the success you desire and the faults that can sabotage the goal which leads to its failure that you fear. After outlining the key words and how they relate to each other, I further understood that to achieve anything in life you need to acknowledge the fact that there are elements of things not working out as expected which could lead to its failure but at the same time, you have to create the will in you not to fear failing as much as your desire to succeed and achieve  that goal.
     Once your desire for success is greater than your fear of failure, when you make some mistakes or there are some set backs, you find it easy to pick yourself back up because what fuels your strength ain’t the fear of failing but a stronger desire to succeed irrespective of what happens along the way.

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Quote: DREAM — December 10, 2015

Quote: DREAM


“The only person who can stop you from actualizing your dream is the same person that birthed the idea – YOU”.

                               – Oluwafunmibi

Moral:- I’ve been on a trip to a farm in Porto novo (Benin Republic) for a week now to receive an industrial training on Agriculture and among the lessons I’ve learnt about DREAMS, I realized that no one can actually stop your dream except you choose to stop it. The director of the farm had a big dream of Industrializing Agriculture in Africa but the government of his country refused to help him with the ideas and dream. Continue reading