Life should be lived like you mean it without limits. . .

Behind my SMILES — January 25, 2016

Behind my SMILES


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Behind my smiles
Is a face that has been sunned by resentment
And watered by tears

Behind my smiles
Is a broken heart that hurts
And ache from depression


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Behind my smiles
Is a girl that is falling apart
Drowning in an ocean of sorrow with no one to rescue

Look behind my smiles
And you’ll see how far I’m lost
Then you’ll discover I’m not the same girl you know

Who says you’re not perfect?!
Trust me, you’re loved and unique!
Much L💕VE, Oluwafunmibi.

Who says? — November 1, 2015

Who says?

You’re just a waste of conception;
Maybe I’ll never be better than this.

You’re a disgrace to womanhood;
Maybe finding my way to the abyss will atone for my sins.

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Without A Word — September 23, 2015
HER TOME; HER LOVE; HER PAIN (3) — August 29, 2015



     It was pretty hard on me getting over Bobbi considering the fact that we didn’t have a fight to breakup, it was just a mutual agreement as a result of our health status.
     I’ve been a casual friend with Jude for close to 2 years because we work out at the same gym on Saturdays and he’s seen Bobbi pick me up a couple of times.
     Jude is from Edo, a Physiotherapist, plays guitar, very charismatic, an epitome of a gentle man and after we started dating, i found out to be a great cook too. After the break up with Bobbi I took to spending more time at the gym to whirl away time and somehow became close to Jude. We could talk for hours and will never get bored. It was like he knows just how best to get me out of my shell. And I receive free sessions of body massage from him. He knows just the right place to exact pressure and where to mildly touch.
     After about 5 months of being single again and just friends with Jude, he asked me on a date which ended up with a terrific kiss. The long drive to my house was made in silence but trust me, it’s a silence that connected us in much ways than words could. Continue reading

My Loud Silence — July 18, 2015

My Loud Silence

     This is the story of me accessing freedom for my mind.
     I used to have a deafening scream that couldn’t be heard even when the voices in my head strived to be heard and I’ll have a million and one things on my mind but won’t be able to express even the one on it. I was always so scared of outcomes that I never had the nerve to leave my comfort zone. . .
Was it trust issues I had??!
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Ambivalence — May 6, 2015



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See how much I boil with love and hate,
Great yearn to speak so loud yet can’t control the silence.
I’m torn in between laughing and crying my heart out.
It feels so right to say NO but YES is the only word forming;
Knowing I don’t want to capture a caterpillar in a jar and keep a butterfly hostage.

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