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Lesson 23: Live like you mean it! — June 19, 2017

Lesson 23: Live like you mean it!

In my last post, i talked about celebrating my birthday recently *best so far* and honestly is still have gifts I’ve not touched. I look forward to a better year ahead.

Like my yearly ritual or tradition, i like to talk about lessons learnt in the previous just finished year and this year won’t be an exception. I’d like to talk about one major lesson learnt and trust me, i believe it’s a great and important one.

Lesson 23: Live Like You Mean It!

Over this past year I’ve learnt to live in a more purposeful way which can be attributed to defining the reason why I am where I am or why I’m doing what I do. I have learnt to attach importance to my actions such that i don’t just do things or act somehow without having a defined direction as why it should be so. Living like you mean it gives purpose to the essence of who you are and it helps you enjoy what you are doing. It helps you chart the course of your life and you don’t just live like a stray dog with no bearing. When you live like you mean it, you can easily reach out to the world outside yours because it wouldn’t just be about yourself but about every other lives and destinies that are attached to yours. Attaching more purpose to life and rocking it like you mean it serves as the strong gust of wind you experience when you spread your wings and it propels you to fly.

In consequent posts, I’ll talk better in line with how to live like you mean it. Thanks for the time and it means so much to me.

Much Love,

Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

@ 22 II — June 8, 2016

@ 22 II

Often times, we don’t get the concept of forgiveness. As human, we’ve made it our job to judge what sin can be forgiven and what sin can’t be forgiven. We sometimes feel we don’t deserve forgiveness for some sins so even when God forgives us, we don’t see the need ’cause in our heart of hearts we feel we don’t deserve it. To embrace God’s available forgiveness, you need to truly define who God is to you and know him for who he is. He’s not just your Creator, he’s a Father. He understands you even more than you do because he once lived as human on earth. He’s always available to listen to you. . . Continue reading

@ 22 — June 6, 2016

@ 22

Hi guys, I had my birthday last week and like I promised last year to see you at 22, here I am. I wrote 21 lessons @ 21 and now at 22, I’ve got 1(one) more lesson to add. I’ve learnt a lot within this one year and amongst these lessons, I’ve chosen one I believe I need to address.


Trust me, it took a while before I got to know the difference between letting go and forgetting. You let go when you forgive but you can never be totally healed except you forget. Truth be told, I’m still a work in progress too but I believe I’ll get there *almost there*. Its in human nature to remember hurts done to us. Have you ever wonder why its easy to always remember the one bad thing someone did to you more often than the other good things the person did?! I think its just human nature. But in this lesson, I’ll talk on how to forget and attract the good things we want to experience or see in our lives. Its a principle I’ve started enjoying and you should too.

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+1 — June 1, 2016


The Birthdaygirl

Yaay! I added a year to my age yesterday. My phone was off till morning cos I needed my sleep, what’s it with people trying to be the first to wish you?! Well, its nice anyways but I was really in need of that sleep. I didn’t really have any plans for a party but I had my fun. . . Was taken out to eat, had fun with my brother and other loved ones. Received so many calls with people singing for me mostly *blushing*, birthday wishes, prayers, gifts, VNs, DPs and so on. I can’t thank everyone enough for you all made my birthday a memorable one but from the bottom of my heart, I say THANK YOU!!

Selfie with my Brother

Last year, I wrote 21 lessons I learnt at 21, well, this year’ writeup is loading… Keep your fingers crossed.
Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME! God bless Us all. . .

Oluwafunmibi Fayemi

Hbd Blooda — March 1, 2016

Hbd Blooda

Handsome birthday boy

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday 29/02 and I tried all my best to upload this post to no avail till I was frustrated to sleep. It’s a unique birthday cos he only does it once in every four years so I’ll just get my short note over with.


Family by blood
Friend by choice
Still the dude who in the best of moments
The worst of times
And in the most special of days
Makes me laugh till it hurts.
I wish you the very best
As you begin a new year!

Much love,


21 LESSONS @ 21 II — June 9, 2015

21 LESSONS @ 21 II


Honestly, you just have to learn to be in control of situation because trust me the demands are not going to let
up. People’s voices are never going to drown at your insistence.

The pressure will come and you’ll feel the realness. It will
come from all facets of your life. You’ll feel it in your life spiritually, academically, emotionally, financially, socially, morally, mentally, psychologically, and the toughest in your relationships.
You’ll be torn in between making decisions and setting priorities right which is never done easily if you have so many people looking up to you or high expectations from yourself.
Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world rest on my little shoulder and I’ll wish I have a fairy Godmother like Julia Roberts or probably a more fierce one that can fight like maleficent. If you’re not in a relationship there’s pressure all around you and people start to link you up but if you’re in a relationship too my dear there are pressures too. So just face it, there will always be pressure in almost everything you do.

I’ve learnt to feel the pressure, process it and let it go if nothing good comes out of it.

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21 LESSONS @ 21 — June 3, 2015

21 LESSONS @ 21

     This is a birthday tradition I got from my friend/blog mentor- AYOTOLA @ Ayotola.com check her up for great posts.
     I had an awesome 21 birthday . I started receiving gifts days into my birthday (thanks Tendy). I got momma’s showers of blessing too. I got my cake at 6:47am (thanks Adeniyi) and loads of gifts afterwards (thanks EVERYBODY). I love my messages and amazing voices singing on VN. I spent it celebrating children’s day in church and it was a great one.
In summary, I had a great 21 birthday.

     Okay about these 21 lessons, they’re as a result of
personal experiences: triumphs and downfalls,
the good, bad and the downright ugly.


Lesson 1 :- WRITE IT DOWN

If there  is one lesson I’ve learnt over the years, it is keeping track of the happenings around me by penning them down and this has helped me gone a long way. I have the habit of reading my journal when I’m idle or less busy thereby measuring my past thoughts and actions. I discovered that Writing it down, whatever it is: reminds you, keeps you accountable, heals you
and measures your growth. I’ve learnt to write that business strategy to apply, that WORD for my life from God, that gift given to me, that advice, that thing I need to do, that place I need  to go, that thing I need to buy, that habit I need to drop and steps I need to take to get over it, etc…
Write it down. Just write it and keep it.
You will forget, I promise. The shortest
pencil is longer than the smartest
memory or so the quote goes.

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It’s officially my birthday!! — May 31, 2015

It’s officially my birthday!!

image Photo credit: Before going to church      Okay, its my birthday and if there is just one day I’m excited about, its my birthday. I can simply call myself a birthday freak, i keep a lot of birthday dates in my memory. I don’t know why but I enjoy the feeling of growing older as much as i want to remain sweet sixteen (who doesn’t want to anyway *shrugs*), even when getting older scares me with more responsibilities and I beat myself up with facts staring at me that I could have done this and that because I don’t have time anymore or I’ve grown out of some things. image Photo credit: Me & My Awesome Mum

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