One of the best blog post I’ve read on *Preparing A Woman For Marrige*. Nice one missbigwords πŸ‘


The book of Proverbs is a gold mine. It’s full of wise sayings and proverbs mostly by King Solomon. Someone suggested reading a chapter daily and when I attempted it, I noticed certain verses were repeated. A proverb about the quarrelsome wife particularly struck me, as the verses seemed to show up a lot in the latter part of the book. I found the comparisons to a quarrelsome wife very blunt and somewhat unkind, the writer didn’t mince words.

Seeing as marriage is something I would like to be involved in, I pay attention to the subject and learn wherever I can. One of the things I noticed was the fact that comparisons were made to a wife, not a husband. (Women, women. Why? ) I think it’s because the woman is a strong force in a home. Her attitude and character can greatly influence the atmosphere of a home.

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