Hello, I guess I need to be spanked cos of my inconsistency but who will except I do that myself. When I think of how close I am to the end of my 22 book reading journey I wonder if I can meet up but I intend not to give chances to not meeting up.
I read 4 books that include 2 crime novels, 1 sensation novel and 1 motivational book.
1) Play Dirty by Sandra Brown: An Interesting Crime novel.
2) The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher or The Murder at Road Hill House: A classic gripping murder mystery from Kate Summerscale.
3) Necessary Secrets: A sensation novel from Silhouette by Barbara Phinney. Was a great read.
4) Forgetting Your Pasts: A book that helps you turn your pain into purpose. Bob Gass did justice with this book. I’ll recommend it over and over again. Sometimes we think we’ve moved on but the truth is we still hold on.
I’ve only been able to read 14 books in 4 months *covers face* and I still have one month left. I’ll give it my best shot. Might not be able to get hard copies but I’ll get soft copies anyways.
Thanks for taking this resolution journey with me.
Much Love,
Funmibi Fayemi