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Is quitting the only option left? — May 28, 2016

Is quitting the only option left?

Saved from a contact.

As long as you’re alive, there is still hope of doing much more than you can ever dream of. Just because things ain’t working out as planned or your way doesn’t mean it won’t work out well in the end. All you need to do is learn to be able to blend in with the situation; When the road gets rough & tough, remove your heels and lace your sneakers…
Everything Is Gonna Be Alright!

Much Love,
Funmibi Fayemi.



This is a special post considering I have a guess blogger penning down his thoughts on the education sector. He’s a friend I really respect and a visionary leader. Enjoy his writeup and I sincerely pray, one day, our heart desires will be granted in this nation…

It is no more a news that our educational system is under attack and the minister in charge is sleeping ferociously. If he were to be at slumber, it could have been fair. But he is not just sleeping, he is also snoring at duty. 
Recently, several federal universities were on heat with vice chancellors giving Union leaders suspensions for fighting for their rights as a student. Most of the protests were due to occurrence of social injustice, monster welfarism, poor administration and management to mention but a few. Permit me to take you on a memory lane, in 2013, the Academic Staff Union of Universities embarked on a 6 month strike due to the same issues mention earlier yet the status quo has changed. 
I would like to advice the minister of education to wake up from his dream land and work towards a POSITIVE CHANGE in the educational sector before it gets out of hands. 
It should be underscored that the younger generation is the future of this country. They are the ones who will find the formula that will guarantee development process and stability both for themselves and future generation. Hence a need for rehabilitation of the educational sector to promote education rather than schooling.
I mentioned schooling earlier because education in this country is bleeding to death in spite the establishment of schools daily. This indicates that building of schools is not the solution to this problem. By observation, many have turned establishment of schools into a business which of course is profitable as people have been brainwashed that going to school is your ticket to harnessing a comfortable life. If going to school or building more schools is not the answer, then what is the answer? A question we must ask ourselves and strive to implement our various answers.
Here are my TO-DO List for the minister of education:
1) Go back to the drawing board and get a blue print of your vision for Nigeria’s educational sector.
2) Get an operational plan with time schedule for each the realization of each plans and put together the work team.
3) Mobilize resources both man power, financial and institutional. These can be gotten by partnership with private sectors.
4) Implement a change in curriculum, training and thinking as well as government procedures and priorities. Like the new economy itself, most of the tools are new and the necessary changes should be introduced to allow them to be used successfully.
5) Be aware that this age is the one of great ideas and innovation that produce outstanding projects and not one of filling minds with information.
6) Our younger generation should not only be taught the whole spectrum of available knowledge, they must acquire and master practical skills and competencies by working in companies and on projects as a first step towards establishing their own successful ventures. They should be given chance to interact with the business community and market, enabling them to develop and enrich our national economy.
I would like to stop here for now but the main thing is timely implementation and formulation of policies that will develop education sector. Inside every Nigerian is a gold mine, good, right and quality education is needed to dig it out.

Oni Babajide David (OBD),
Agrocapitalism Initiative (AcI)

Teaching ain’t what it looks like — May 11, 2016

Teaching ain’t what it looks like

“Being a teacher is quite easy”, did I hear someone say that?! Guess No. I decided to work during this break so I applied as a teacher in an high school where I was assigned to Basic 7 & 8. Trust me, it ain’t easy. I even had to take Work home during weekend *which I hate* to write my lesson notes.
I started last week Monday and hasn’t beaten anyone until today *wasn’t my fault* Some boys decided not to do their assignment.
But, the feeling has been fulfilling. Knowing I’m contributing to the foundation of a younger generation. . .

My Reality — May 5, 2016
22 Books (April) — May 1, 2016

22 Books (April)

Hello, I guess I need to be spanked cos of my inconsistency but who will except I do that myself. When I think of how close I am to the end of my 22 book reading journey I wonder if I can meet up but I intend not to give chances to not meeting up.
I read 4 books that include 2 crime novels, 1 sensation novel and 1 motivational book.
1) Play Dirty by Sandra Brown: An Interesting Crime novel.
2) The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher or The Murder at Road Hill House: A classic gripping murder mystery from Kate Summerscale.
3) Necessary Secrets: A sensation novel from Silhouette by Barbara Phinney. Was a great read.
4) Forgetting Your Pasts: A book that helps you turn your pain into purpose. Bob Gass did justice with this book. I’ll recommend it over and over again. Sometimes we think we’ve moved on but the truth is we still hold on.
I’ve only been able to read 14 books in 4 months *covers face* and I still have one month left. I’ll give it my best shot. Might not be able to get hard copies but I’ll get soft copies anyways.
Thanks for taking this resolution journey with me.
Much Love,
Funmibi Fayemi

Yah! Its my Birth Month! —