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22 Books (March) — March 31, 2016

22 Books (March)

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Hello everyone!
When I realized this morning that today is the last day in March, I was marvelled at how fast time goes cos I was suppose to submit a writeup with the deadline of today. I can’t say I did well with my reading ritual this month and I know better than to blame it on anything but to take the blame though I did my exams this month. I was only able to read three(3) books but I hope to do better in April.
(1) The Lost Years: By Mary Higgins Clark is a Crime novel I got last month but read this month. I couldn’t do any other thing till I finished the book, no wonder the writer was labelled Queen of Suspense. I wasn’t disappointed.

(2) God’s Master Plan For Your Life: It was just what I needed when I read it. Gloria Copeland explained her points in the simplest ways with applicable steps and examples coupled with powerful scriptural backings.

(3) Why A Students works for C Students… : Its been long I read the Rich Dad’s (Robert Kiyosaki) book and considering the fact that I’m in Year 5 now, I got this book for myself *its never too late*  though I’m yet to finish reading it but with how far I’ve gone, I know I’m not just gonna be an A student but my A student will create jobs for other students not work for a C student.

Thanks for the time as usual *hugs*

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Remarkable Easter — March 27, 2016

Remarkable Easter


Today at first didn’t really look like one of those good days but i wouldn’t have wanted another way to spend it. After reading “God’s Master Plan – Gloria Copeland” and searching for the Father’s face in the Bible, my spirit was filled with so much Joy and fresh strength to face the future and I can’t but Thank Jesus again for that Life-Changing Sacrifice he did about 2000 years ago.
I’ll always be grateful for the Supernatural lifestyle he freely gave me.
Hope you enjoyed your Easter too?


Happy Easter!

The Righteous’ Melody — March 24, 2016

The Righteous’ Melody


I got a song in my heart
A melody from the righteous
Cos’ Grace has found me
I’m secured in his love
What else will I want?
I got everything, the supernatural lifestyle
His peace lives in my heart
So no more fears, pains and regrets
For I’m assured of an abundanza life
Because where my strength fails
His Grace speaks for me
I’ve got a lover in my Father
And he’ll stick his neck out for me anytime, anywhere
My battles are his and his victories are mine
I got a song in my heart
A melody of minethe righteous.

Just a lil’ song formed in my heart about 2 Sundays ago… I hope you get the message in it.

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Officially a 500level Student! — March 20, 2016

Officially a 500level Student!

Its all about God!

Wooh! Oooh! Guess who’s in her Finals/500level?! You just guessed right, Yeah! This Diva! Me!
Finally, after series of demanding academic obligations, I eventually did my last year4 exam yesterday. I shoulda posted this earlier but I’ve been sleeping and I guess I still need some more but I feel a lot better now.
I can’t but thank God because it has always been about him, what and where will I be without the love of my heavenly Father?! I humbly bless his holy name.
And I honestly appreciate my Mum, Siblings and Friends for the support so far. Thanks for being part of those who moulded me. I feel so blessed to have you all.
I got a gift *book* for myself yesterday “WHY ‘A’ STUDENTS WORK FOR ‘C’ STUDENTS AND ‘B’ STUDENTS WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT – ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI”. I’m sure I’ll love it.

The Award

And guess who bagged the award for the Most Social Female for my Class at our Class Dinner?! You’re so good cos you just got it, ME!
Well, I’ll be back online again and I now have more time to read my books. I’ve not read any since the beginning of this month cos of my exams though.
I really love you guys! *hugs*

Self-confidence — March 17, 2016


Saved from my bbm contact

At some points in our lives, we’ve to live for our beliefs, respect and love ourselves not because of pride but for the confidence in us. The truth is the world is doing a great job seeing to it that you lose hope, making your best look so terrible and calling you names, but, you’ve got to stand up for yourself, be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. Affirm it to yourself, see yourself doing it and never give up trying. It doesn’t hurt to be persistent. Pick yourself back up every time you hit the floor. Never give up on your dreams. Believe in yourself even if no one else does.
Believe you can, and you will!

Much love,

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500 level Almost Here! — March 7, 2016

500 level Almost Here!

In A Week's time, I'll be in 500 level

Just left the reading room where I’ve been since yesterday preparing for the papers I have today and I realised I’m almost in my finals. Entering year 5 ain’t beans but the truth is it has been God all the way. Through it all, he has been my strength, shield, provider, protector, guardian, lover and a great father.
As I start my exams today, I look forward to my best results yet because I know my best days as an undergraduate are yet to come for my path will keep getting brighter and brighter until the day of perfection. I trust God to take care of me!

How I Knew I Can’t Be A Politician — March 5, 2016

How I Knew I Can’t Be A Politician

I'm so proud of my BROTHER!

My brother contested for the post of president in the faculty *we’re in the same faculty* and he lost; Yeah, he lost honorably! Not because he wasn’t good enough or didn’t do his best. In fact, I should say we lost cos’ I was as involved in it as he was. Being the first time for him to lose at something, I’m sure he has a lot of lessons to learn but really politics ain’t my type of thing, not just because I hate confrontations & competitions but I’m too honest a being to play the game called Politics. I learnt few words yesterday like: Politicking *though its in the dict.*, Voting Permutation, the new definition for loyalty & honesty, etc.
Yesterday I saw friends assuring me of their votes voting for another person, I saw friends sly me by not showing up as promised, I saw people playing neutrality at the expense of friendship & trust. I saw so much that assures me that politics is that dirty game I don’t wanna play. I’m the type of person that say what’s on my mind and do what I say but I learnt yesterday that it doesn’t work for politics. Some say its diplomacy but I’ll say its just being ignorant because the truth is they know what’s best but prefer to just play the game wrongly *in my word*.

To those who supported us:
You guys are the best and words can’t express how honored I feel to know you.

To our Mum;
Thanks for the support all the way. You’re the best and you’ll always be loved till infinity.
We love you!

Finally To my brother;
Baby! You’re always my hero and I’ll always be proud of you & here for you till my last breath.
I know you’re going to places and I’m ready for the ride. This happened for your best and being the first time you’ll ever lose something I believe the lessons are well learnt.
I love you blooda!

Much love,

22 books (February) — March 1, 2016

22 books (February)

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Hi guys, I should have post this since yesterday but just like the birthday post, it didn’t post and now I have to type everything all over cos the one I typed wipe off.
This is in continuance with the 22 books I promised to read and I tried this time with five books *you’re like how is what she reads my business* well I’m accountable to you cos it helps me stay accountable to myself especially if you need extra efforts to do some things that don’t really fit in to your other activities- resolutions really need commitment.
I have 5 books down the line for Feb but I’ve read 4 and I’m starting March with the fifth one.

(1) Mistress of Justice: I started Feb with this Mystery novel by Jeffrey Deaver that revolves around the typical wall street law stories. Was a great read.

(2) The Secret: This book taught me more on positive thinking. Rhonda Byrne nailed it with detailed informational on the laws that govern the universe especially the law of attraction.

(3) Why You Act The Way You Do: I was told to read this book since 2012 but overlooked it cos my friends already told me what its about. Well, I’m glad I got it for myself because I learnt more about my temperance, its strengths & weakness. Tim LaHaye did a great job with this book.

(4) Live Like You Mean It: You need to read the short note that came with this book when my friend gave me. It was just the right book for the moment. Its a gift book I’ll always treasure because Kathy Troccoli the seasoned Italian-American did a great job talking about the abundanza life Christ has called us to live.

(5) The Lost Years: Though I plan to start March with this Crime book (my friend recommended & told me so) by Mary Higgins Clark. Looks like I’ll like it.

I hope to get better at it this month. Thanks for giving out time to read this.

Much Love,

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Hbd Blooda —

Hbd Blooda

Handsome birthday boy

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday 29/02 and I tried all my best to upload this post to no avail till I was frustrated to sleep. It’s a unique birthday cos he only does it once in every four years so I’ll just get my short note over with.


Family by blood
Friend by choice
Still the dude who in the best of moments
The worst of times
And in the most special of days
Makes me laugh till it hurts.
I wish you the very best
As you begin a new year!

Much love,