“The only person who can stop you from actualizing your dream is the same person that birthed the idea – YOU”.

                               – Oluwafunmibi

Moral:- I’ve been on a trip to a farm in Porto novo (Benin Republic) for a week now to receive an industrial training on Agriculture and among the lessons I’ve learnt about DREAMS, I realized that no one can actually stop your dream except you choose to stop it. The director of the farm had a big dream of Industrializing Agriculture in Africa but the government of his country refused to help him with the ideas and dream.
He never let that disturb his promising and beautiful dream so he never gave up and fortunately his ideas were appreciated in another country which led to the birth of a Great Agro-Business where nothing is wasted even human resource; everything used on the farm is strictly Bio (organic), no chemicals.
     From this man’s story I further realize that your willingness to see beyond the circumstances surrounding actualizing your dream must be deeply rooted in you because situations around you may not favour the dream but you must determine to achieve that which you know is right to do.
     When you’re in line with God’s purpose for you, trust me its not the situations or people but YOU that have the FINAL SAY ON YOUR DREAM!


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