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BEFORE 2015 ENDS — December 29, 2015



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Before 2015 ends, I want to personally say “THANK YOU” to all  my readers and followers that made 2015 an awesome year for me as a blogger. I pray this season brings forth good tidings to you and a prosperous 2016 ahead; May FAVOUR, GRACE and MERCY speaks for you in all your endeavors.

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Happy birthday JESUS! — December 25, 2015

Happy birthday JESUS!


Evening everyone, just before the day ends I’ve gotta say my Christmas shout out to you all (Readers, Bloggers, Friends, Families). . . I love you more!
And never forget Jesus is the REASON for this SEASON. . .

*★Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Christmas★ 。* 。
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Desires Vs Fears — December 19, 2015

Desires Vs Fears

I’m a student in a leadership school (LEAD ACADEMY) and in a class we had few weeks ago, my teacher said something which I wrote down. He said, “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”.
While I was going through my notes, I tried to break the quote down to my understanding. Some four words are constant in the context of succeeding or achieving a goal;
– Desire
– Success
– Fear
– Failure
     The end goal which means the success you desire and the faults that can sabotage the goal which leads to its failure that you fear. After outlining the key words and how they relate to each other, I further understood that to achieve anything in life you need to acknowledge the fact that there are elements of things not working out as expected which could lead to its failure but at the same time, you have to create the will in you not to fear failing as much as your desire to succeed and achieve  that goal.
     Once your desire for success is greater than your fear of failure, when you make some mistakes or there are some set backs, you find it easy to pick yourself back up because what fuels your strength ain’t the fear of failing but a stronger desire to succeed irrespective of what happens along the way.

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Quote: DREAM — December 10, 2015

Quote: DREAM


“The only person who can stop you from actualizing your dream is the same person that birthed the idea – YOU”.

                               – Oluwafunmibi

Moral:- I’ve been on a trip to a farm in Porto novo (Benin Republic) for a week now to receive an industrial training on Agriculture and among the lessons I’ve learnt about DREAMS, I realized that no one can actually stop your dream except you choose to stop it. The director of the farm had a big dream of Industrializing Agriculture in Africa but the government of his country refused to help him with the ideas and dream. Continue reading

QUOTE; JOY — December 5, 2015


“The only person in charge of your JOY is you”.

                           – Oluwafunmibi

Moral :- This short quote of mine is not figurative at all, its as direct and plain as it could be. The only person who has the key to your joy is YOU! No more; No less. You determine what you want to think or see; how you want to feel or act; who you wanna be with or talk to; what you wanna do and say. My advice;

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