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Quote; LIGHT — November 25, 2015

Quote; LIGHT

“Remember, no matter how small the light is; it terrifies the darkness”.

                               – Oluwafunmibi

Moral:- Lately, I’ve been reading books on mind control, attitude, personal transformation and positive thinking and I’ve been trying my best practising some lessons I’ve learnt, thanks to this quote “ Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge, let your learning lead to action – Jim Rohn” . Trust me some of these things we learn don’t look real but the truth is it works. I’ve learnt that the most powerful law of the universe is the law of attraction. You attract everything that comes into your life, whether good or bad; beautiful or ugly and you attract these by virtue of the images you hold in your mind. What happens on the outside responds to what your thoughts are no matter what they are.
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Young Forever — November 21, 2015

Young Forever

I was going through an old journal of 2013 then I saw a poem inspired by kids I taught during a six months strike that year.

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When I look into their eyes;
My heart melts like an ice;
I love their spirit that lack no dice;
Young at heart with peaceful look with no lies;
Generous ones who doesn’t mind sharing their fries;
I’ll always want to be young forever.

I miss those days of total freedom;
From the worries I deal with now with wisdom;
Even the Bible says being like them;
Is the only way to the kingdom;
When you’re focused as a child you’ll be the earldom;
Who can save the masses from martyrdom;
I’ll always want to be young forever.

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PART OF ME — November 17, 2015



I was always a slave to freedom,
Of those who know how to float;
And who kiss the sky;
Until you appeared there.
I decided to land and stay in your soil,
I discovered my faith in your land.
My soul recognized your voice,
So my heart followed you.
I fly through your wings;
I wake up between your soul and my peace.
They are part of me.
I travel in your gaze,
You uplift me,
I’m better than I used to be,
All thanks to you dear.

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Trusting In Him — November 10, 2015

Trusting In Him


     Thank God we don’t look like what we’ve been through. These past weeks has been challenging so much that I almost lost myself in it. Like it wasn’t enough that I had habits I wanted to get rid of; My bank account went down a spiral road that i was so broke I couldn’t even do my internet subscription; For each time money was sent to me there was a mistake so I couldn’t withdraw; I had to let go of some people friends in my life and painfully watch some leave me; My relationship felt so tiring and it was like I wasn’t getting anything right. Continue reading

NOVEMBER — November 1, 2015



Happy new month to you all my Wonderful readers!
More FAVOUR, more GRACE, more BLESSINGS, more BREAKTHROUGH, good SUCCESS, happy LIFE, sound HEALTH, much LOVE and lots of HAPPINESS is yours this month.
God will make you Bigger. . .

Who says? —