Life should be lived like you mean it without limits. . .

Without A Word — September 23, 2015

Without A Word


Shouldn’t have done it; should have ignored it.
Like it wouldn’t be seen; like it couldn’t be seen.
I don’t think I should have seen you;
Should have runaway.
Should have pretended not to hear;
Like it wouldn’t be heard;
Like it couldn’t be heard. . .
I shouldn’t have listened to your love. . .

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TREASURE — September 17, 2015



     I stumbled on a poem I wrote for my mum 2 years ago and I’m gonna dedicate it to all great mums out there (dead or alive). . .
You’re our treasure, mentor and goddess. . .
We love you. . .


You are my backbone, my treasure;
You are such a rare gem, my treasure;
The pearl I’m lucky to have, my treasure;


Sometimes I wonder what could have become of me,
If I ain’t blessed to have a wonderful mum like you,
You lighten my path with your smiles and taught me the ways of the Lord,
You are the compass that guides me along my direction,
And you taught me the right things to do and how to do it. . . Continue reading

Get To Know Her — September 12, 2015

Get To Know Her


Photo credit: My Gallery
        7 Random Facts About Me

1) I’m strictly a MORNING PERSON
I can do just about anything no matter how tasking the job is, as long as its morning. The only time I’ll be effectively active at night is if I had a nap in the day but otherwise, I don’t joke with my nights.

2) I jealous people that can CRAM because I’m so not good at it and there are some areas in academics that all you can ever do to it is cram it.

3) I don’t know if to call myself a GADGET FREAK but I love gadgets a lot and CARS.

4) When I was small, I RATION whatever I eat between my two side cheeks i.e I ensure that the same quantity of food I ate with the right cheek will be the same with the left cheek *crazy?!* but I love it & it was fun!

5) I have passion for many things but BUSINESS is one major passion I can’t avoid to venture into.

6) I don’t get attached to people or things easily but when I’m attached to someone or something, IT’S HARD TO LET GO!

7) You can’t see me watching HORROR MOVIES, my height of movies like that is either VAMPIRES or WEREWOLVES but aside that, hell NO! cos I tend to continue my movies in dreams leading to NIGHTMARES. So HORROR MOVIES?! NO, THANKS!!

HER TOME; HER LOVE; HER PAIN (4) — September 2, 2015



     After my experience with Jude I’ve decided to stay single for as long as God wants because I’m not ready to go through heart breaks anymore. I’m fine with JUST ME and my career is growing cos’ I work on contract with some private companies so YES! I’m doing great with no problem from a man.
     For good ten (10) months, I was so much in love with myself. It wasn’t like men ain’t coming around but I just chose to decline all advances simply because I don’t want to be any man’s victim anymore. I enjoyed attending to my hot rocking body; daily exercise (including 50 sit ups) & eating good food.
     Well, on the evening of the End of the year’s party, I had the option of going to the cinema to see “Spy” because its an action movie and I love Melissa McCarthy but I was compelled to be at the Evening’s event because its also part of the job (I’m not the partying type). I met many people at the party, mostly the staffs that works for the Telecommunications company. Amongst these people was Temitope, I mean Engr. Temitope. He’s a Civil Engineer. It was amazing at the end of the evening when I felt like I’ve known him all my life. We exchanged contacts and became pretty close. He professes his love every opportunity he has, he provides for me even without asking & would do anything to protect me. He gave me reasons to love again. Continue reading