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The Beauty of Becoming — August 30, 2015

The Beauty of Becoming

I think this should be read by everyone.

Spirit Meets Bone

This spring, my friend Terri grew Monarch butterflies. Like most of us, she’s concerned that it’s our human footprint mucking up the planet and not, contrary to what some believe, God or Zeus or Mothra exacting their revenge on us for sport. In the past few decades, the Monarch population has suffered an alarming and steep decline from 1 billion in the mid-1990s to only 35 million in 2014. It doesn’t take a math genius like Stephen Hawking to tell you that this is not good with a side of very bad. Or to put it another way: there’s a profound disturbance in the Force, Luke.

The world depends on harmony, not balance. Harmony is all the disparate elements co-mingling and working together in their own funky ways to create some kind of whole. Harmony is peanut butter and chocolate smashed together to make something delicious. There was a time…

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HER TOME; HER LOVE; HER PAIN (3) — August 29, 2015



     It was pretty hard on me getting over Bobbi considering the fact that we didn’t have a fight to breakup, it was just a mutual agreement as a result of our health status.
     I’ve been a casual friend with Jude for close to 2 years because we work out at the same gym on Saturdays and he’s seen Bobbi pick me up a couple of times.
     Jude is from Edo, a Physiotherapist, plays guitar, very charismatic, an epitome of a gentle man and after we started dating, i found out to be a great cook too. After the break up with Bobbi I took to spending more time at the gym to whirl away time and somehow became close to Jude. We could talk for hours and will never get bored. It was like he knows just how best to get me out of my shell. And I receive free sessions of body massage from him. He knows just the right place to exact pressure and where to mildly touch.
     After about 5 months of being single again and just friends with Jude, he asked me on a date which ended up with a terrific kiss. The long drive to my house was made in silence but trust me, it’s a silence that connected us in much ways than words could. Continue reading

HER TOME; HER LOVE; HER PAIN (2) — August 27, 2015



     Well, Temitope was the third guy I’ve dated in just 2 years (I’m not so bad I guess). Before him was Bobola (Bobbi) and Jude and trust me each of them seem promising when I was with them.
     I met Bobby in an Art exhibition organized for a charity programme to sensitize people on Hepatitis-B & C. He was a passionate artist that specializes on Photography and he attaches stories to every art piece he exhibited. He was an eye candy with the ravishing look of Ghanaian renown actor Majid Michel. We became friends that day and within weeks we started dating. The relationship was like a match made from heaven. He knows, understands, respects & makes me happy. Continue reading

HER TOME; HER LOVE; HER PAIN — August 25, 2015



Photo credit: http://www.loverofsadness.net

    I hate the could have(s), should have(s) and would have(s) but they are the words that keep haunting my soul for the past 3-days. Maybe I should have just learn to keep to my words… Maybe I would have been saved from this misery if I had followed my brain instead… Maybe I could have decided to go to the cinema instead of eventually attending the company’s end of the year party…
     As hot tears stream down my face smearing the makeover left of the evening (I went to the restaurant to meet him) and a hazy vision filled with confusion, bitterness and hatred. All I can see is just a few fragments of memories I wish to let go as much as I want to have them if it means remembering the sizzling love we shared.


Photo credit: www. loverofsadness.net

Scattered on the floor is a wasted roll of toilet paper that has helped soak in my silent sobs and I wonder when I’m gonna get over this this time around. For 3 days now I’ve been like this – Heartbroken. . . Continue reading

The Hero In You — August 22, 2015

The Hero In You


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     I was washing the dishes this evening and my mind wandered off towards the great movie “FANTASTIC FOUR”, then i reminisced on how Victor, Reed, Ben, Johnny & Susan transformed and something caught my attention. I realized what they transformed to was actually based on their Initial Personality i.e what & who they really are on the inside (Their inner man).
     I can’t remember a scene in the movie where what I’m saying was acted or explained. We were just made to believe; Victor became the Steel (Metal man), Sue became the Invisible woman, Ben (Thing) became the Hefty man, Johnny became the Human torch and Reed (Mr. Fantastic) became the Stretching man. Continue reading