Life should be lived like you mean it without limits. . .

Quote; RESTRICTIONS — July 31, 2015



“You should only be boxed when you’re dead”.

                           – Oluwafunmibi

Moral:- I don’t know how else to explain this short quote of mine but all I’m simply saying is you’re young and full of vigour to get a lot done. This is the time of your life when there is strength to even move mountains *sarcasm*. Continue reading

Quote; REALITY — July 21, 2015
My Loud Silence — July 18, 2015

My Loud Silence

     This is the story of me accessing freedom for my mind.
     I used to have a deafening scream that couldn’t be heard even when the voices in my head strived to be heard and I’ll have a million and one things on my mind but won’t be able to express even the one on it. I was always so scared of outcomes that I never had the nerve to leave my comfort zone. . .
Was it trust issues I had??!
Or was just afraid of being rejected??! Continue reading

History Box — July 9, 2015

History Box

     I’m not really a relationship talking type but if something has got my mind so busy like this then I’ve got to pen it down and share it. This ain’t a movie review tho’ the movie was great, great story line even if the outplay of some scenes ain’t satisfactory to me but I’m not writing this to review the movie. NO! I’m writing to discuss the one thing that got me thinking even after watching the movie.
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