Scars. . . A permanent mark on the skin sometimes caused by the healing of a wound.
Scars. . . those marks that makes some memories linger on in our brain.

Many deal with emotional scars and for some its physical.
Even Jesus had scars to show on his hands and feet to the disciples in the upper room.
His scars tells the story of his victory over SIN, the STING OF DEATH & HELL.
Every scar has a story to tell. . .
And in most stories, its a tale of VICTORY.
The scar tells you of a difficult trying time in your life but which you conquered and survived.
Sometimes the scars are from sacrifice for someone else;
Sometimes the scars are from people you love;
Sometimes even when the scars heal up the heart still aches with pain.
The good thing is you survived that moment
And the scar is there to remind you;
How strong you’ve been. . .
How strong you are. . .
How much you can handle. . .
And how far you’ve gone. . .
I’ve gone through a couple of events that left footprints in my life too.
When I see the scars in my life and I remember the tale each scar has to tell,
I tell myself if I could survive that,
Then I can handle whatever comes my way.
Grow beyond the level when you see the scars on you and you go bitter about the events that led to it,
See every scar as a mark of VICTORY that is there to remind you of how much you are capable of. . .