Life should be lived like you mean it without limits. . .

Count On Me — June 26, 2015

Count On Me


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Life is like the two way sword

You really don’t know what will be toss at you in this world

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💏💘 Butterflies In The Belly 💘 💏 — June 20, 2015

💏💘 Butterflies In The Belly 💘 💏


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“Nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing the love of your life is the life of your love”.
                                  – Oluwafunmibi


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SCARS — June 16, 2015
21 LESSONS @ 21 II — June 9, 2015

21 LESSONS @ 21 II


Honestly, you just have to learn to be in control of situation because trust me the demands are not going to let
up. People’s voices are never going to drown at your insistence.

The pressure will come and you’ll feel the realness. It will
come from all facets of your life. You’ll feel it in your life spiritually, academically, emotionally, financially, socially, morally, mentally, psychologically, and the toughest in your relationships.
You’ll be torn in between making decisions and setting priorities right which is never done easily if you have so many people looking up to you or high expectations from yourself.
Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world rest on my little shoulder and I’ll wish I have a fairy Godmother like Julia Roberts or probably a more fierce one that can fight like maleficent. If you’re not in a relationship there’s pressure all around you and people start to link you up but if you’re in a relationship too my dear there are pressures too. So just face it, there will always be pressure in almost everything you do.

I’ve learnt to feel the pressure, process it and let it go if nothing good comes out of it.

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21 LESSONS @ 21 — June 3, 2015

21 LESSONS @ 21

     This is a birthday tradition I got from my friend/blog mentor- AYOTOLA @ Ayotola.com check her up for great posts.
     I had an awesome 21 birthday . I started receiving gifts days into my birthday (thanks Tendy). I got momma’s showers of blessing too. I got my cake at 6:47am (thanks Adeniyi) and loads of gifts afterwards (thanks EVERYBODY). I love my messages and amazing voices singing on VN. I spent it celebrating children’s day in church and it was a great one.
In summary, I had a great 21 birthday.

     Okay about these 21 lessons, they’re as a result of
personal experiences: triumphs and downfalls,
the good, bad and the downright ugly.


Lesson 1 :- WRITE IT DOWN

If there  is one lesson I’ve learnt over the years, it is keeping track of the happenings around me by penning them down and this has helped me gone a long way. I have the habit of reading my journal when I’m idle or less busy thereby measuring my past thoughts and actions. I discovered that Writing it down, whatever it is: reminds you, keeps you accountable, heals you
and measures your growth. I’ve learnt to write that business strategy to apply, that WORD for my life from God, that gift given to me, that advice, that thing I need to do, that place I need  to go, that thing I need to buy, that habit I need to drop and steps I need to take to get over it, etc…
Write it down. Just write it and keep it.
You will forget, I promise. The shortest
pencil is longer than the smartest
memory or so the quote goes.

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