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It’s officially my birthday!! — May 31, 2015

It’s officially my birthday!!

image Photo credit: Before going to church      Okay, its my birthday and if there is just one day I’m excited about, its my birthday. I can simply call myself a birthday freak, i keep a lot of birthday dates in my memory. I don’t know why but I enjoy the feeling of growing older as much as i want to remain sweet sixteen (who doesn’t want to anyway *shrugs*), even when getting older scares me with more responsibilities and I beat myself up with facts staring at me that I could have done this and that because I don’t have time anymore or I’ve grown out of some things. image Photo credit: Me & My Awesome Mum

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GREATEST LOVE — May 12, 2015



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   I know to some people when they saw the topic they remembered Whitney Houston, I can’t deny the fact that every time I hear that track “greatest love” I feel like she’s talking to me and its one of her best songs to me. Well, this writeup ain’t about W.H. nor is it a song review. . . Its about the greatest love I know. Continue reading

Ambivalence — May 6, 2015



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See how much I boil with love and hate,
Great yearn to speak so loud yet can’t control the silence.
I’m torn in between laughing and crying my heart out.
It feels so right to say NO but YES is the only word forming;
Knowing I don’t want to capture a caterpillar in a jar and keep a butterfly hostage.

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XOXO — May 5, 2015



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It seems too right yet its so wrong;
The feelings so deep when it should be shallow.
With every little bad things they do, it feels so good;
And every time it hurts it feels great.
She ain’t scared of scar anymore but look forward to it,
Cos’ really being with him is worth the remembrance;
Even if that has to do with living with the scar.
She really don’t need to ask herself when she already know;
He’s the one her heart follows . . .

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HOME — May 1, 2015



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  Hi everyone! God knows I miss everyone of you in just my few days of being offline. Sometimes when you’re home you forget who you are. Okay, technically its not like I forgot who I am but I just discovered I’m always too busy all day doing this all that for someone or the whole house.
     I’ve been home for the session’s break for some days now and trust me its been a long time I felt so happy and comfortable. Nothing beats the love I feel all around; seeing my siblings and love ones, enjoying homemade foods, catching up with friends, weddings around and so on *chortles* it feels so good to be HOME. . . Reminds me of the song, “so good to me home, where I know that I belong. . .” Continue reading