A woman can need so many things, but, there is one thing I’m sure a woman wants; To be in CHARGE of her own LIFE“.



Moral : Well, to start with, I used my picture cos I’m a woman who loves herself and knows what she wants too. . . But then, sometimes I wonder how some men don’t seems to get it that that is all women has always wanted. The irony of it is, give her the chance to take charge of her own life, she still owes it to you, no matter how independent she is, you’re still that HEAD as it has been created to be. We just love (adore) the feeling we get from knowing We are also a decision maker of things in our life not a man making them for us even when we know eventually our decisions will end up falling in line with the guy’s own.
As much as we love to be pamper we also love to take charge. . .