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I know this smell
So fresh and pleasant
I could be lost in it forever
I know the bearer of these fingers
No calls, no texts from each other
No offence either
I know how it feels
To be apart, yet together
To be together, yet apart

Everything around is a memory of faces
Glittering, laughing, chatting away
Friends, acquaintances, foes
Some faces sealed with smiles
That have been sunned by resentment
And watered by tears
Some eyes filled with genuine love
Years of friendship peeking behind them

Gradually, the noise loses weight
Our minds are lost
Remembering the ones we left behind
Remembering ones who left us behind
Not to be seen till we are swallowed by dust
Break it is called
No one knows what has transcribed in the hiatus
Or maybe our minds are lost
Trying to harbour a panic with calmness

We hear his voice and…

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