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Stay — January 28, 2015



This was what you wanted.
You were all I wanted
But not like this.
Your head resting on my hip.
My back on your bed.
My fingers lost in your hair.
Skin to skin.
A mess of sheets.
A pile of clothes.
It’s dark
But I see you.
I want to ask
What do you want?
Living this way without longevity.
Loving this way without conviction.
She calls you, empty.
You feed her the same way you feed me.
But what do you want?
It can’t be this.
All you had to do was stay.

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Bruises —


I wanna know,as a kid
Did you ever bruise your skin after a fall?
As a result of having a long run
Or you just simply got tripped by a stone?
Do you still remember how the pain felt?
It is an understatement if I say I feel the same way about my recent fall.
Though I wasn’t running nor was I tripped by a stone,
But I was tripped by the memories of you.
And I discovered I fell in love.
I tripped on the memories we’ve shared together,
I tripped on what it feels like to be in your arms, perceive your smell and shiver at the feel of your lips on my nape.
I didn’t know I was biting more than I want to chew
Here I am with bruises all over
As a result of tripping over what I want from you and yearning for the healing that goes down to the heart. . .

PRAYER — January 27, 2015



Who else can we look up to?
If not to you our heavenly father
To you we present our father’s land
A land gracefully endowed
To replenish and have the good things of life.
Dear God, even with all you’ve bestowed on this land
Some important things are still amiss,
The masses are suffering,
The land has been soiled with innocent bloods,
There ain’t peace of mind in the country,
The leaders of tomorrow has been deprived of their hopes,
And there is a lot of chaos everywhere.
To thee Lord we present our Nation
That you intervene and bring peace to our perplexed minds
We pray for good leadership
And we look up to you for the heavenly
Spirit of love, unity and harmony.
We need your divine wisdom and understanding
To communicate within ourselves,
We prithee that you reign in this Nation
Bless our land and bring everything to order.
We seek your mercy and grace.

WILDFLOWER — January 25, 2015



It all happened so fast but
I still feel the debris of my fears
Felt like I’ve lost all I believed in
Both the persons and things
I felt so empty that I wanted to scream
It was like the world was
Crumbling at my feet
I felt like I’ve lost myself
And everything seems to end
The road I’ve been on many times seems so new
I was so terrified like It was my first time
That I became really weak & fragile
Then I cried out to that inner strength
The strength that has always carried me on
This is not my first enigma period
So I can’t be crushed now
I’ve got to see the light
Beaming at the end of the tunnel
See the reasons why
I never gave up and will never give in
Believe it will work out for good at the end
And remind myself why
Which will thrive in the desert
Look beautiful even when it ain’t getting regular supply of water
And will bloom even when
Biotic and Abiotic factors (all facets of life) doesn’t encourage it. . .

Silent Whispers of A Hopeful Man — January 24, 2015
The Night My Lips First Spoke —


     Storm I need your help up here to make the atmosphere hazy,that was Logan (wolverine) calling out to storm for an undercover. Scott and the iceman are on the other side of the battle having their way into the enemy’s camp but don’t be surprise this ain’t about the X-MEN going out against the anti-mutant society or the X-MEN going rebellious against other mutants in order to protect the world. . . This is a love story. . .
     Storm has her eyeballs turned white already gathering strength in the atmosphere to cause a stormy weather, the unique power she possesses aside from being a strong fighter. There goes the wolverine with his adamantium metal claws reaching out to strike anyone who stands on his way as he forges forward towards the camp where the beast-like tyrant in custody of me is. It was quite easy for him to walk through without getting noticed because storm still has the weather under control.
     There I was chained like the beauty in the movie ‘Clash Of The Titans’ was chained to be devoured by those evil creatures for sacrifice just that this time I’m in the inner chamber of the camp with the ugly beast acting as a grobian by mauling my precious silky chocolate skin body and he is just beasty in soul not in looks because he can easily be use to take a role for Schwarzenegger with his blond hair that always seem to be out of place.
    I keep hoping this will all end soon that Logan will show up in time to rescue me from this callous beast that keep inflicting wound on me for every kiss and smooch and I wonder why fate brought him my way. Suddenly, I saw Logan silenced me not to make the beast aware of his presence and that minute seems to look like a film trick to me because it took not much effort for wolverine to pierce his sides with the claws and that brought the end to my horrors. Alas! My feeble weak body was saved and I was gently carried like a new born baby, I can’t envision how much I miss his gentle touch and feel his heartbeats under that metal bones while I rest my head on it while in his arms and the rapture I get lost in when I feel his rough lips turn soft on mine with his passionate kiss in contrast to the lip-mauling of the beast from earlier. I traced my lip outline with the tip of my fingers as he carried me out to where the other X-MEN awaits us in the jet with Scott & Storm to be the pilot.
                        * * *
     Beep Beep Beep!!! (alarm).
    The sky is clear, a new day is here. . . Its a Saturday morning I need to get things done. I picked up my bedside mirror and unconsciously traced my lip outline with the tip of my fingers and the memories of the kiss still lingers in my brain then i figured i must have been dreaming all night . . .

THAT JULY EVENING — January 23, 2015


You need to read this. . .

Kemi Falodun's Blog

I know this smell
So fresh and pleasant
I could be lost in it forever
I know the bearer of these fingers
No calls, no texts from each other
No offence either
I know how it feels
To be apart, yet together
To be together, yet apart

Everything around is a memory of faces
Glittering, laughing, chatting away
Friends, acquaintances, foes
Some faces sealed with smiles
That have been sunned by resentment
And watered by tears
Some eyes filled with genuine love
Years of friendship peeking behind them

Gradually, the noise loses weight
Our minds are lost
Remembering the ones we left behind
Remembering ones who left us behind
Not to be seen till we are swallowed by dust
Break it is called
No one knows what has transcribed in the hiatus
Or maybe our minds are lost
Trying to harbour a panic with calmness

We hear his voice and…

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Who is fooling who?! — January 20, 2015

Who is fooling who?!

Yesterday I had a discussion with couple of friends about the present state of Nigeria politics, about the forthcoming election and what to look out for especially for the presidential election. I’ve been ruminating so much on the discussion that I feel I just have to pen my opinions down, actually I ain’t seeing much difference between the two aspiring candidates because they are both after the same thing and I believe they’ll definitely say and do things in order to have their way… But something amazes me,the refusal of the masses to see these callous people (the politicians) are using them to have their own selfish way because I can’t imagine why it will only be during campaign period you see the politicians give out things to the masses in a bid to win their favour and luckily for them the masses also sees it as a way of getting their share of the NATIONAL CAKE (as it is said). . . #smh!
The question is who is fooling who?! The politicians bribing their way in or the masses fooling themselves by selling their voices and rights for some couple of goodies. . .
I’ve seen a lot of news trend,politicians blackmailing each other and everybody is screaming for CHANGE! Yes change is the word but is it really what we are prepared for? Left to me I’ll go for REVOLUTION because I feel these whole power thing has been run by same set of people who just don’t want to give in for the real change agent and I really wish MY people of this great nation will stand on their feet to defend their integrity and raise their voices like the sons of the land not shy out and continue to be used as slaves.
To most youths,remember the people who promised you this and that just to have you fight for their cause have their own kids protected out of the country, you don’t have to get yourself fooled by these people. You know what is right and what you want, you know where your heart leads you. Don’t allow your vote to be bought because that’s the only right you have to choose what you want, your vote is the voice you have to speak your mind.
Stop fooling around and support a peaceful,free and fair election.